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be of unsound mind

To have impaired or dysfunctional thought, memory, and/or cognitive understanding; unable to think and/or understand for oneself. My poor grandfather has been of unsound mind ever since he suffered that stroke last year.
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of unsound mind

Having impaired or dysfunctional thought, memory, and/or cognitive understanding; unable to think and/or understand for oneself. My poor grandfather has been of unsound mind ever since he suffered that stroke last year.
See also: mind, of, unsound
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of ˌunsound ˈmind

(law) not responsible for your actions because of a mental illness or condition: He escaped a prison sentence by reason of unsound mind at the time the crime was committed.
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This is not to minimize the theoretical unsoundness of many aspects of the local property tax (such as the number of particularlistic exclusions), (168) but it is to make the claim that deviations from the ideal should be seen as less problematic from the perspective of the federal government.
In his study of the mental disability of Dickens's Barnaby Rudge, McDonagh observes that one of the '"well understood' features" of idiocy in the nineteenth century was the "frequent infantilization of those whom 'idiocy' afflicted." Citing the rhetoric of John Haslam's 1823 "Letter to the Lord Chancellor on the Nature and Interpretation of Unsoundness of Mind and Imbecility of Intellect," and of the 1853 Household Words piece entitled "Idiots" by Charles Dickens and William Henry Wills, McDonagh locates a trend of Victorian "observers constructing [idiots] as eternal children, anomalies confounding notions of age and intellect." (27) Several of the various narrators of Bronte's novel participate in a similar infantilization of Hareton.
1973) ("There is nothing in the Copyright Act to suggest that the courts are to pass upon the truth or falsity, the soundness or unsoundness, of the views embodied in a copyrighted work.
This is not usually done by arguing the matter directly, but rather by establishing the unsoundness of the opponent's argument.
Versfeld kom wel naby aan die idee van die waansin van die kunstenaar, met sy oortuiging dat die digter 'n bepaalde unsoundness of mind (93/138) het, maar laasgenoemde het heel min met 'n gesekulariseerde inspirasie-idee te maak en alles met die verset teen 'n dominante vorm van redelikheid.
As long as the practitioner certifies the persona lunatic a certification that the magistrate could likely predict, given that he appoints the practitioner--the magistrate may consider a broad range of conditions to constitute unsoundness of the mind.
This new clause -- the "irretrievable breakdown of marriage."-- will be in addition to the existing grounds for divorce, which include adultery, cruelty, desertion, conversion to another religion, unsoundness of mind, virulent and incurable form of leprosy, venereal disease in a communicable form, renouncement of the world and not heard as being alive for a period of seven years.
When market participants are subject to a welter of such government interventions, they may allocate resources in a way that allows distortions and imbalances to cumulate until the burdens these mistakes entail can no longer be sustained, and a sudden crash reveals the unsoundness of the overall economic structure.
Bagehot's answer was an unequivocal "No." The central bank's duty is not to rescue "the 'unsound' people" who constitute "a feeble minority." Such businesses "are afraid even to look frightened for fear their unsoundness may be detected" (1873: 97).
For example, in Alabama the lieutenant governor succeeds to the governorship "in case of the governor's removal from office, death or resignation," and "[i]n case of the impeachment of the governor, his absence from the state for more than twenty days, unsoundness of mind, or other disability." (88) However, the Supreme Court may only become involved if the "disability" in question is "unsoundness of mind." (89) This limitation to examinations of mental status alone may explain why no effort was made to have Governor George Wallace removed after he was severely wounded and paralyzed in 1972, and he remained in office until 1979.
The cases that hold a trustee liable for losses for failing to investigate and evaluate the merits of an investment have based the trustee's liability on findings of fact that clearly established the unsoundness of the investment decision at the time it was made.
To the Editor: Normally I would have spared myself the effort and energy to react to the logically unsound, factually incorrect and bizarre editorial comment or article by J P de V van Niekerk, (1) Managing Editor of the South African Medical Journal, lest the true saying that arguing with unsound propositions might drag one to the pitiful valley of unsoundness and make people not to notice the difference, ring true in this context.
(11) The falsity and unsoundness of this conclusion on the foundation of philosophy and jurisprudence has been a subject of controversy.