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'Sanwo-Olu has records of unsound mind and rehabilitation with the Gbagada General Hospital Lagos state.
'Killing mentally unsound persons on mere suspicion exposes the policy of forces that for them every Kashmiri was a suspicious person and they can kill at their will,' he added.
We have found that some are structurally unsound and need repair," said Mr Maringa.The PS said preliminary requests including drawing works and the general planning of the jetties' construction have already been finalised.
In the COA report, the purchase of the vehicles was flagged to be 'without the benefit of operational needs assessment,' that it was marked by 'numerous unsound changes in Napolcom minimum standard specifications restricting in effect wider latitude in selecting the most suitable mobility assets,' among others.
The club program will take place across two nights at Sintetik club, with a host of artists coming to Baku for the first time, including German artist Errorsmith and Berlin-based French artist Kangding Ray - both playing live - Kazakhstan's Nazira and Polish Unsound resident DJ Olivia.
Those found unsound and unsafe for occupation will also be demolished.
The new regulation was issued after reviewing the unimplemented provision of the Insurance Code that empowered the agency to penalize insurance firms, their directors, officers and agents for conducting business in an unsafe or unsound manner.
Various psychiatrists had testified that Thaiday was of unsound mental health.
Others were considered unfit to be a gun owner because of being mentally unsound. That could mean there is a risk they would use the gun to commit suicide or may turn the gun on others.
UNSOUND Magnotta was later arrested at a cafe in Berlin.
For the good reputation of Durham County Council, it is essential that it submits a Draft Local Plan to the Government that does not get rejected as unsound.
Florence ended it all by taking poison and a sad verdict of suicide while of unsound mind was returned.
Nevertheless, the report underlined that the improvement is still insufficient and liquidity characteristics of the Kuwait stock market are still unhealthy or unsound.
Global Banking News-August 8, 2012--Fed fines MetLife USD3.2m for 'unsound' foreclosures(C)2012 ENPublishing -