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what has been seen cannot be unseen

Disturbing or upsetting images are not easily forgotten. Even though I'm back from the battlefield now, what has been seen cannot be unseen.
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buy (something) sight unseen

To purchase something without seeing or examining it first. When I decided to buy a house sight unseen, I knew it would probably need a lot of repairs—and I was right!
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sight unseen

Without having ever seen or inspected the particular person or thing in question. In this country, it's not uncommon to be arranged to marry someone sight unseen. Only a fool would buy a car sight unseen.
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buy something sight unseen

to buy something without seeing it first. I bought this land sight unseen. I didn't know it was so rocky. It isn't usually safe to buy something sight unseen.
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sight unseen

Without having viewed the object in question, as in He bought the horse sight unseen. This seeming oxymoron-how can a sight, which means something seen, be not seen?-dates from the late 1800s.
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sight unˈseen

if you buy something sight unseen, you do not have an opportunity to see it before you buy it: We bought the table sight unseen and were pleased to find it was perfect for our kitchen.
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sight unseen

Without seeing the object in question: bought the horse sight unseen.
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We take more interest in our unseen future than in seen present.
The reason we have so many shots that are unseen is because once we did the cover for Heathen - which took several hours and which he very precisely had mapped out in his head - he then turned very playful and allowed me to have fun.
The Unseen Collection is on until Friday, October 30.
Marc Boothe, of B3 Media, who has produced L8 Unseen and who has worked extensively with community groups over a number of months, says: "Liverpool has been home to black, Asian and ethnic minority communities for as long as the city has been established.
REMEMBER the soldiers of 1914 Who died for their country, lying unseen Fighting for fame, victory and glory And each one has a different story Like a bullet from a gun, they go down fast They are left there for years, until they Are found at last And today we remember them, the lions Who gave All of their courage, for there was PETER ALLEN, aged 101/2
The Odeon believes it is the first big cinema chain in the country to launch a novel new way of watching top movies - called Screen Unseen - and is currently trialling the idea at around 20 selected cinemas.
National Geographic's 2014 IMAX film Unseen World 3D (released internationally as Mysteries of the Unseen World) aims to illuminate some of these hidden parts of the world around us.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 30, 2014-Weidenfeld & Nicolson announces publication of The Beatles Lyrics the Unseen Story Behind Their Music
Siya yung the unseen, the unheard kapag may malaking kaso hindi lumalabas sa media para ipaliwanag ang present na sitwasyon sa peace and order kung bakit ganon," Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption member Boy Evangelista said in a televised interview.
In his first book, The Forest Unseen, David Haskell begins every chapter in exactly the same spot, but takes you on a flight with his words.
The Unseen War is first in a four-part series of Daily Mirror magazines to mark 100 years since the first shots were fired in one of history's darkest episodes.
And now the most important of these theories have been critically tested, proving that the existence of the yet unseen particles is now more likely than ever.
Featuring stunning unseen images recently unearthed from the Mirror archive, this special 100-page publication will allow you to relive the glorious magic of the man who was, quite simply, The Best.
Anthony Bright Penarth | IT'S a strange thing this Faith, unseen.
We are becoming witnesses and accomplices in an unseen primitivism and provincialism of a battle for power by tramping on the state, Erol Rizaov comments for Utrinski Vesnik.