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the late unpleasantness

1. Any recent war, but used especially in reference to the American Civil War. The statue serves as a reminder of the late unpleasantness and the devastating effects it had on the community 150 years ago.
2. By extension, any recent controversial or divisive event or period. The book goes over the late unpleasantness of the last election, and the ructions it has caused across the country.
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late unpleasantness

Euph. the U.S. Civil War. (Old.) The town courthouse was burned in the late unpleasantness. Many of my ancestors lost their lives in the late unpleasantness.
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the late unpleasantness

the war that took place recently.
This phrase was originally used of the American Civil War ( 1861–5 ).
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We examined potential correlations (i) between pain intensity and pain unpleasantness during the conditioning stimulus and pleasant pain relief (mean and peak), (ii) between ICPM efficacy and pleasant pain relief (mean and peak), (iii) between pain intensity and unpleasantness during the conditioning stimulus and ICPM efficacy, (iv) between psychological symptoms (STAI-S, BDI-II, and SHPS) and pleasant pain relief (mean and peak), and finally (v) between psychological symptoms (STAI-S, BDI-II, and SHPS) and pain (intensity and unpleasantness).
Since Sir James is only a minor character in The Unpleasantness, presumably these two allusions are meant to suggest something about him outside of his science, making him slightly more rounded as a personality.
After the procedure patients were kept in the bronchoscopy department for two hours at the end of which they were asked to document their experience on an unpleasantness scale as either unpleasant or very unpleasant with each of the two categories marked in different color of green and red and graded from 1 to 20 (Figure-1).
Specifically, general pain decreased from 63 to 48 after treatment, pain unpleasantness decreased from 70 to 47, and present pain decreased from 59 to 40.
Because it's just a very small bunch of very loud people and it's a channel for a lot of unpleasantness. It has its uses of course, but not for me."
Two different thresholds have been recorded in our procedure: detection and unpleasantness. The first one does not imply any nociceptive consequences.
The subjects reported a 40 percent reduction in pain intensity and a 57 percent drop in a measure of pain unpleasantness. Morphine and other pain drugs usually diminish pain ratings by about 25 percent.
Tory MP Patrick Mercer, a one-time infantry officer and former chairman of the Parliamentary Counter Terrorism Sub-Committee, said: "All sorts of unpleasantness has been coming out of the Yemen for years.
I know that Bose is having to cut back during the recent economic unpleasantness, but this policy stands in sharp contrast to David Clark, which not only repaired a broken part for free, but paid for the shipping.
The recent unpleasantness between tenant and landlord was not the result of this deal, but rather Cilione's alleged attempt to box out Satsky and Gefter in exchange for a more lucrative deal, before the Lily Pond operators' lease was up.
Also as an animal rights campaigner and vegetarian I am glad that the unpleasantness of a slaughterhouse will not exist in the locality and that lorries carrying the poor animals will not be seen in and around Rugby.
I was aghast to read of the unpleasantness that she received following the Grand National and can only assure her that for every vicious busybody who wastes good ink and paper in causing hurt, there are scores more like me who enjoy and appreciate her excellent presenting on television and radio and who sincerely wish her all the best.
By the time you read this, she will have recognized her own political incorrectness and changed the verbiage to "person-caused disasters," or maybe "person-caused occasions of unpleasantness."
I stopped smoking only three years ago, and even when I did smoke I had not smoked in my local pub for years because of the unpleasantness of it all.