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unmitigated disaster

cliché A total or absolute failure. The company's last product was an unmitigated disaster for them, a tremendously expensive flop that nearly drove them to bankruptcy.

unmitigated gall

cliché Complete and outrageous insolence, impudence, or effrontery. I can't believe the unmitigated gall of the governor. How dare he blame the victims of this tragic accident for what happened?
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unmitigated gall

Absolute impudence, out-and-out effrontery. The use of gall, which strictly speaking means the liver’s secretion, or bile, and its extension to bitterness of any kind, dates from about a.d. 1000. In late nineteenth-century America, however, it began to be used in the sense of “nerve” or “brazenness.” Its frequent pairing with unmitigated, meaning “unmodified” or “intense,” occurred in the twentieth century.
See also: gall, unmitigated
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Here, all eyes were turned upon Brittles, who fixed his upon the speaker, and stared at him, with his mouth wide open, and his face expressive of the most unmitigated horror.
The idea of a man's walking about all day with a dreadful horse that he can't get rid of!' The depressed Pickwickians turned moodily away, with the tall quadruped, for which they all felt the most unmitigated disgust, following slowly at their heels.
It is a most inscrutable and unmitigated staggerer!'
"You unmitigated cur," exclaimed Trefusis fiercely, "what right have you to give away to his unborn children the liberty of your own?"
Meriem spent an evening and a night of unmitigated terror.
The door, however, proved not to be locked, and they were all agreed in turning joyfully through it, and leaving the unmitigated glare of day behind.
To him it may have been an unmitigated relief, but she wept bitterly in her apron.
The GDP loss for Nepal by 2030 in an unmitigated scenario, in which emissions continue to rise throughout the 21st century, would be 1.61 per cent.
The revelation was branded "an unmitigated disaster" by a Liberal Democrat councillor.
A VACANT academy building has cost Birmingham City Council PS241,000 - in what one councillor described as an 'unmitigated disaster'.
Good for exporters maybe but for those ordinary folk who buy goods from the high street or holiday on the continent an unmitigated disaster.
THE UK will be leaving the EU because of the unmitigated chaos, absolute shambles and indecision caused by the Government, whose leader was, incidentally, a "remainer" in the first instance, MPs of all persuasions, interfering has-been and "born again" politicians, many self-proclaimed "people's champions", academics, pundits, protesters and activists.
So far this series has been an unmitigated disaster.
Summary: New Delhi (India), Nov 8 (ANI): Communist Party of India (Marxist) general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Thursday called Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government's demonetisation move an unmitigated monumental disaster.