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unload someone or something on (to) someone

to get rid of a burdensome person or thing on someone else. I unloaded my obnoxious little cousin onto his aunt. I didn't mean to unload my problems onto you.
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unload something from something

to take things off of something; to remove the burden from something. Please unload the groceries from the car. I unloaded the groceries from the bags.
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tv. to get rid of someone or something. We’re gonna unload all the cats and dogs during the Christmas rush.
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The Geartek SED model is unloaded upon receiving an electrical input from an automatic or manually controlled source.
The same currents that bring water and rich soil to these riverside communities also grant passage to the massive barges loaded with ferrous scrap that Marine Terminals unloads on a daily basis.
Yamato I-beam plant) in Armorel unloads between 2.3 million and 2.4 million tons of ferrous scrap yearly.
It loads cut sheet into the machine, unloads formed parts, and then trims and stacks.
One level unloads the molds from the press into the changer and then loads the new molds into the press from the other level.
Three critical factors to consider include temperature retention through proper insulation, 100% seal efficiency at all openings and near zero moisture introduction from outside air during the load and unload process.