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unload someone or something on (to) someone

to get rid of a burdensome person or thing on someone else. I unloaded my obnoxious little cousin onto his aunt. I didn't mean to unload my problems onto you.
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unload something from something

to take things off of something; to remove the burden from something. Please unload the groceries from the car. I unloaded the groceries from the bags.
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tv. to get rid of someone or something. We’re gonna unload all the cats and dogs during the Christmas rush.
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As for the species, large pelagic fish had the first position in terms of the quantity of unloaded fish last April, which reached 37,919 tons, compared to 22,668 tons unloaded during the same month of 2015 marking a 67.
Francis Notch: He will not give my ship permission to leave until the tea is unloaded.
369 million tons of oil products load, unloaded in the same month of the preceding year, according to the latest data available on the organization's website.
An MRT-3 service report said that one of its trains unloaded passengers at Cubao station at 7:19 a.
The highest quantity of unloaded fishes by artisan fishing was recorded in the Governorate of Al Wusta with a quantity of 22 thousand and 323 tons; followed by the Governorates of North and South A'Sharqiyah with 21 thousand and 117 tons.
Depending on the commodity, the vessels can be unloaded at a rate of close to 6,000 tons an hour.
Unloaded Outside Landmark - With Terion's industry-leading Cargo Sensor, customers can receive an alert if a trailer is unloaded outside its intended destination or a set of allowable destinations.
a southbound train unloaded passengers at the Santolan station.
Muscat, Sept 21 (ONA) The quantity of cargo unloaded and loaded at the Port Sultan Qaboos stood at (3,149,000) tons as at the end of July 2013 against (3,000,000) tons during the same period in 2012, constituting a (5%) rise.
Soldiers unloaded the military equipment the way the half-tracks and airplanes and civilian stevedores unloaded the general cargo.
LANCASTER - A 19-year-old Lancaster man faces more than five years in prison for carrying an unloaded shotgun and possessing a steak knife while standing outside Lincoln Elementary School.
In the step division, the required precision is not extremely high and this allows for control of the unloaded flow only with the discharge valve of the scale.
All 5,500 pallets of avocados and grapes were unloaded at the Port of Los Angeles bound for supermarkets throughout the region.
That was the buzz Wednesday at the Naval Construction Battalion Center wharf at Port Hueneme as hundreds of trucks, Humvees and howitzers belonging to the Army's 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment were unloaded for war games at Fort Irwin near Barstow.
The net impact of this capability is the measurement and ultimate reduction of the time a driver spends waiting for a trailer to be loaded or unloaded.