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unload someone or something on (to) someone

to get rid of a burdensome person or thing on someone else. I unloaded my obnoxious little cousin onto his aunt. I didn't mean to unload my problems onto you.
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unload something from something

to take things off of something; to remove the burden from something. Please unload the groceries from the car. I unloaded the groceries from the bags.
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tv. to get rid of someone or something. We’re gonna unload all the cats and dogs during the Christmas rush.
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Eight thousand and 860 tons of fisheries were unloaded in the Governorate of Musanadam while the quantity of unloaded fisheries reached 6 thousand and 819 tons in the Governorate of Muscat.
Dukkha Unloaded is part of a series of martial arts action novels centering on Reeves, a smart, capable, and sincere police officer in Portland, Oregon.
More than 90 containers of what Cypriot officials described as "material that could be used to make munitions" have been unloaded and stored at a naval base.
The obese subjects' stature loss was an average of 8.49 mm loaded and 7.02 mm unloaded, compared with the nonobese subjects, who had an average loss of 6.52 mm loaded and 3.55 mm unloaded.
The follow-up story acknowledged that the boy was carrying a gun at the time of the shooting and that he had apparently tried to rob a man with it, but the story focused on the fact that the teen's gun was unloaded, making the boy harmless.
Also, to maximize barge shipments, recyclers should try to reduce the number of times a shipment has to be loaded and unloaded. If the barge reaches its destination and the material doesn't have to be stored somewhere else for an extended period of time, that reduces the overall cost of moving the material.
In Santos the number of containers processed in one hour more than tripled over seven years to 44 in 2004, cutting a ship's waiting time to be unloaded to virtually zero from more than a day.
Goldman unloaded residential complexes in Queens, while the Scharf Brothers sold a six-building portfolio in the Bronx.
Three ships were the most that military officials believed could be unloaded simultaneously.
These cores are unloaded in one pickup by a large frame gripper.
It also obliges European terminals where carriers are regularly loaded and unloaded to install a quality management system.
Weyerhaeuser has subsequently revised its rail car unloading procedures, cutting down the number of bales that can unloaded at a time.
It is decided to send 25 armed men to keep the tea from being unloaded.
Database administrators traditionally image copy primary and secondary indices whenever databases are unloaded and reloaded -- adding complexity and cost to reorganizations and other maintenance tasks.
The ships unloaded a total of 40 batches of MOX fuel produced in Britain and France -- 32 batches at the No.