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in the unlikely event (that) (something) happens

If a very improbable outcome turns out to be the case. I wouldn't worry too much, but in the unlikely event that you lose your job, you can always come live with us for a while. In the unlikely event I win the lottery, the first thing I would do is travel to Jamaica.
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in the unlikely event of something

 and in the unlikely event that something happens
if something—which probably will not happen—actually happens. In the unlikely event of my getting the job, I'll have to buy a car to get there every day. In the unlikely event of a fire, please walk quickly to an exit.
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in the unlikely event

If something improbable should occur. For example, In the unlikely event that I'm held up, please cover for me, or In the unlikely event that we should have snow in May, we're still well equipped to cope with it . Also see under in case, def. 2.
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When Rekdal returns to the zoo at the end of the poem, it is only in her imagination: the animals have all escaped, including an enormous tiger ("its stripes, / against the dark gold hide and white underfur, // like black icicles") that ends up in a Lisbon suburb, where it gazes through a window at a couple at home, who gaze back at it, "eye // to eye, animals to animal, / struck dumb not by fear of each other / so much as the unlikeliness of it all.
Rather, the drama's precariousness, exhaustion, sordidness, and unlikeliness are precisely what make the Buhnenweihfestspiel a ruin.
Armstrong says it is unlikely (37), but he writes from an ignorance of when Williams joined: presumably if he had known the date, he would have been more certain of its unlikeliness.
In the range of 20[degrees]C-350[degrees]C, thermal cracking made a small contribution to the increase of the permeability of the Fushun oil shale, mainly due to the unlikeliness of engendering connected networks.
Yes, Kipp ranted about the UAE's inability to stick to the various deadlines it loves to set just the other day, but we thought the sheer unlikeliness of this particular deadline deserved special attention.
Also unfortunate is the unlikeliness that the reader of one volume will pick up the other, given divergences on ecclesiology.
He would later point out in public the unlikeliness of his mother, a Jew and a rabbi's wife, drawing a crossor communicating in English since she never spoke it in real life.
So, talk to me about the extraordinary unlikeliness of you being
It would be peevish to cavil at the unlikeliness of these particular characters surviving and then reuniting, given the even greater implausibility of anyone at all making it through the supervirulent cataclysm.
Part of that unlikeliness is down to the remarkable consistency of their behaviour, which seems to be the same regardless of whether or not the cameras are rolling.
The unlikeliness of this is compounded when one considers the number of States Parties to the Torture Convention; 116 at the time of Pinochet (No.
The 2008 presidential election called on the American electorate to embrace the audacity of hope--its seeming unlikeliness and absurdity--when so many of us had become cynical, adopting an almost fatalistic view of the possibility of these hoped-for realignments of national and social priorities occurring in reality as in our dreams.