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in the unlikely event (that) (something) happens

If a very improbable outcome turns out to be the case. I wouldn't worry too much, but in the unlikely event that you lose your job, you can always come live with us for a while. In the unlikely event I win the lottery, the first thing I would do is travel to Jamaica.
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in the unlikely event of something

 and in the unlikely event that something happens
if something—which probably will not happen—actually happens. In the unlikely event of my getting the job, I'll have to buy a car to get there every day. In the unlikely event of a fire, please walk quickly to an exit.
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in the unlikely event

If something improbable should occur. For example, In the unlikely event that I'm held up, please cover for me, or In the unlikely event that we should have snow in May, we're still well equipped to cope with it . Also see under in case, def. 2.
See also: event, unlikely
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Harris does merit consideration for the list of unlikeliest performances.
In The Airmen and the Headhunters, foreign service professional Judith Heimann uncovers the story of two air crews forced down over hostile jungles, who created friendships in the unlikeliest of places.
Ballet, modern, and acrobatic dance theater all have a place at the table, and some of the most interesting companies will turn up in the unlikeliest.
Cork boat; a true story of the unlikeliest boat ever built.
The familiar figure of the camcorder-wielding dad might seem to be the unlikeliest of auteurs, but Israeli artist Guy Ben-Ner is one enviably cool father.
This unlikeliest of mentors somehow is raised from his stuporous slumber by the dogged wit of his new protegee and manages, in spite of himself, to introduce the young Walters to a world of ideas and a sense of self she had only suspected existed.
Now this East-meets-West experience is unfolding in the unlikeliest of spots.
What Love Supreme does most effectively is demonstrate that love can sprout in the unlikeliest of circumstances--in a homeless shelter, in a drug treatment program, or a doctor's office--and that any thriving love relationship has to find some way to survive conflict if it's to have any staying power.
These headline-grabbing and sometimes over-the-top expressions -- often involving a lone activist -- can pay unexpected dividends and win new allies in the unlikeliest places.
The company reports excellent sales through the web, often to the unlikeliest of places.
But that all changed after Downing and Adomah emerged from the bench, with Boro able to stretch the Wolves defence and pull off the unlikeliest of victories.
And just as extra-time beckoned, Gary Thompson completed the unlikeliest of turnarounds with a scrambled winner five minutes into added time.
That carol is still much-loved today, a legacy of the Christmas truce, and a reminder to us all that even in the unlikeliest of places hope can still be found" The Queen in her Christmas broadcast "That Blairite brand is now utterly toxic, made worse by his own insatiable lust for money and publicity.
THE VERDICT JUST when it felt like it would never happen, it did, but from the unlikeliest of sources.
To survive, let alone ferret out an unknown killer, Barrington must make the unlikeliest of alliances with a grey operative who is all-but-invisible to whatever passes for law or justice.