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unleash someone or something against someone or something

to turn someone or something loose against someone or something. The army unleashed a horrible attack against the enemy. Max unleashed his bullies against the helpless merchants.
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unleash someone or something (up)on someone or something

to turn someone or something loose on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The air force unleashed a bombing attack upon the enemy. The mob chief unleashed his tough guys on Lefty.
See also: on, unleash
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Unleashing Hidden Potential" SCANZ Conference, visit www.scanz.org.nz.
Unleashing oil reserves is apparently intended to help temporarily bring down oil prices, they said.
'Discipline: Six Steps to Unleashing Your Hidden Potential' is published by 1stBooks Library and is available now.
I couldn't even blame anyone else in the agency for unleashing the worm into the agency early in the week, since I had received the attachment and opened it myself.
"Unleashing Different" shows: how taking a charity-oriented approach to people with disabilities has failed; what action is required to capitalize on the world's biggest emerging market; and how their organizations can grow revenue and cut costs by attracting people with disabilities as customers and talent.
This year, we are unleashing the best hands in music and comedy,' he stated.
Glaring example is Aasiya Andrabi and her associate Fahmeeda Sofi who are languishing in Jammu jail in pathetic condition, he said, adding that the puppet regime led by Mehbooba Mufti had surpassed every tyrant and oppressor in unleashing tyranny in occupied Kashmir.
"Unleashing Your Creativity After 50!" is a guide for midlifers with the impulse to explore their artistic side.
In fact, public relations in today's business environment is as much science as it is art--and its contribution can be measured." So writes Mark Weiner in his forthcoming book from IABC, Unleashing the Power of PR (Jossey-Bass, June 2006).
Warthogs loiter above battlefields for long periods, unleashing up to 16,000lbs of missiles, bombs, bullets and 10 Mavericks on each sortie.