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unleash someone or something against someone or something

to turn someone or something loose against someone or something. The army unleashed a horrible attack against the enemy. Max unleashed his bullies against the helpless merchants.
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unleash someone or something (up)on someone or something

to turn someone or something loose on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The air force unleashed a bombing attack upon the enemy. The mob chief unleashed his tough guys on Lefty.
See also: on, unleash
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The portfolio of Unleashed access points for small business delivers industry-leading Wi-Fi performance based on Ruckus patented BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology and ChannelFly capacity-based channel selection.
Unleashed Comic-Con organiser Lee |Hunter with Ghostbuster James Brown, left, and just a few of the colourfully dressed fans, including Dania Khalil, top right, at Marton Country Club 031015UNLEASHED_005 IAN COOPER For more pictures go to www.
Andy Ainscough, operations director at Surf Snowdonia said: "The unpredictability and drama of surfing make it a brilliant spectator experience, "And Red Bull Unleashed now allows us to bring fans even closer to the world class action than ever before.
Tickets for Superscoreboard Unleashed are priced PS25 plus booking fee - and are on sale now and available on www.
And it's something Shift 2 Unleashed offers in spades.
The mission begins at the end of the story of The Force Unleashed and re-imagines the Saga as if the Secret Apprentice had killed Darth Vader and taken his place at the Emperor's side, becoming the most powerful Sith Lord in the universe.
The current Unleashed product portfolio including the Biomolecular Interaction Network Database (BIND/BINDPlus), DogBox Plus, and DogRun Plus have been incorporated into the new BONDplus platform.
If you can imagine a great white shark biting down on a scientist and holding him in front of a key card scanner in order to open a door, or tossing explosive barrels with its mouth in order to destroy a polluting oil refinery, you apparently have something in common with the designers of "Jaws Unleashed.
We're looking forward to bringing the Unleashed experience to the handheld market as well as returning to our off-road development roots on the PC," said Scott Novis, president, Rainbow Studios.
FORGOTTEN jockey Jamie Spencer unleashed the shackles on his season at Newcastle yesterday as he took the day's big money in the Pitmen's Derby.
And when the circuit is complete, power is unleashed.
The government plans to revise the law, which stipulates that government oil stockpiles be unleashed only when there is not enough supply or when there are fears supply will run out, and add price rises as one of the conditions for unleashing, according to the sources.
The former Soviet leader, whose regime unleashed untold, nightmarish brutalities in Afghanistan and elsewhere, claims to have been "haunted" by this terrible burden.