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unleash someone or something against someone or something

to turn someone or something loose against someone or something. The army unleashed a horrible attack against the enemy. Max unleashed his bullies against the helpless merchants.
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unleash someone or something (up)on someone or something

to turn someone or something loose on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The air force unleashed a bombing attack upon the enemy. The mob chief unleashed his tough guys on Lefty.
See also: on, unleash
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The number-crunching program is available for free, online at Unleash.us and in the Apple App Store.
You can check their happy highlights to see some cracking examples of Christmas being unleashed across the country at diy.c c diy om/ChristmasUnleashed.
"People don't need to be managed; they need to be unleashed."--Richard Florida, as quoted in "Quiet Leadership" by David Rock.
Speaking of "Unleash", Bipasha said: "People in India want to be thin but they don't know how to be fit; so this one is about being strong and not just thin," according to apunkachoice.com
We have been introducing our "Unleash the Natural Power of Lemons" campaign to our retail, foodservice and wholesale customers.
"Food prices are continuously increasing and all reports, especially FAOs statements in Rome and the United Nations in New York, are pointing out that the world is heading towards a very embarrasing situation, threatning to unleash a huge hunger," Janaby said in a statement, copy of which landed in Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
No charge to 'Unleash your DNA' a one-day power seminar onSeptember 26 2009, Dubai UAE9 am to 5 pmThe average human being leaves as much as 97 percent of the available brain power in an un-tapped state, according to Reg Athwal, the founder of the RAW Group of Companies.Athwal is one of a twelve-speaker entourage who are scheduled to encourage a Dubai audience of some 600-strong invited guests to unleash a portion of this dormant matter, and more, during a one-day mega power session (September 26 2009).
Unleashed energy and dogged persistence--seems like a winning combination to me.
Combining the bandwidth of PCI Express connectivity with HyperTransport technology, as well as the latest high-performance graphics cards and peripheral devices, customers can continue to unleash the full-performance potential of AMD64 technology.
PAT EDDERY will team up with Northumberland Plate winner Unleash in a bid to land a final victory in the Tote Ebor on Wednesday.
Kahlua will awaken your happy hour this summer with an integrated program featuring a multi-faceted ad campaign and on-premise "Unleash it" happy hour promotions.
Japan plans to take a flexible attitude in its oil reserve policy and unleash oil stockpiles in the event of a surge in crude oil prices, government sources said Thursday.
In my hands there rested the sheer raw power to unleash nuclear weapons on the world and destroy human life." The former Soviet leader, whose regime unleashed untold, nightmarish brutalities in Afghanistan and elsewhere, claims to have been "haunted" by this terrible burden.
Together with its subsidiaries, AboveNet Communications, Inc., a leading provider of co-location and Internet connectivity solutions, and PAIX.NET, Inc., one of the leading neutral Internet exchanges, Metro-media Fiber Network is helping to unleash the full power of the Internet.