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doesn't have a (certain kind of) bone in (one's) body

Does not display the trait stated between "a" and "bone." (This phrase does not refer to an actual bone in the human skeleton.) I highly doubt that Jeannie started that vicious rumor about you—she doesn't have a mean bone in her body.
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the (most) unkindest cut (of all)

The most heartless, demoralizing, or treacherous action, remark, or outcome possible. A reference to a line in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, describing Caesar's death at the hands of his friends. But the unkindest cut was watching the man I considered my best friend move in with my ex-wife the second I moved out. Even my teachers stood there laughing at me. That was the most unkindest cut of all. Seeing such a beloved character turned into such an absurd parody of herself, well, that's the unkindest cut of all for longtime fans of the series.
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the most unkindest cut of all

The most hurtful or malicious thing that one could say to another. The phrase originated in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in a description of Caesar's murder. Hearing my own mother attack my decision to adopt a child was the most unkindest cut of all.
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unkindest cut

The worst insult, ultimate treachery, as in And then, the unkindest cut of all-my partner walks out on me just when the deal is about to go through . This expression was invented by Shakespeare in describing Julius Caesar's stabbing to death by his friends in Julius Caesar (3:2): "This was the most unkindest cut of all."
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unkindest cut of all, (most)

The worst insult, the ultimate in treachery. This expression was used by Shakespeare to describe the assassination of Julius Caesar by his friends: “This was the most unkindest cut of all” (Julius Caesar, 3.2). It found its way into the proverb collections of James Howell, John Ray, and Thomas Fuller, which helped its long survival, although today most, which made it a double superlative, is usually omitted.
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Annas, "Forced Cesareans: The Most Unkindest Cut of All," Hastings Center Report 12, no.
The unkindest cut of all was that Galileo had appropriated Scheiner's discovery of variation in the angle of rotation of the sun and used it in the Dialogue as a principal argument in favor of Copernicanism.
From my perspective, the unkindest cut of all involves the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy.
In the unkindest cut of all, he implies that Clinton solicited a Saudi contribution to the Clinton Library as a sort of payoff for not pressuring the Saudis--indignantly denied by the Clinton people.
Perhaps the unkindest cut of all is the verse in Matthew 10 that says that those who love father or mother, son or daughter, more than me are not worthy of me.
But the unkindest cut had to have come from the Family Research Council, a Religious Right group that Frist addressed as recently as last spring.
Addressing the divide between those who argue for a similar education for everyone versus those who argue for a differentiated education, Spielhagen and Cooper (2005, "The Unkindest Cut: Seven Stupid Arguments Against Programs for the Gifted," Education Week, 24[31], 47-48) identify the following seven "stupid arguments" that influence the education of gifted and talented students:
One of the unkindest twists in this funny old life is that you can't stick around to see how much your contribution meant to other people.
Published in 1972, The Unkindest Cut discussed the arbitrary cutting of lengthy films.
ON an otherwise splendid night's boxing at the AT7 Centre on Saturday night, Tony Conroy suffered the unkindest cut of all when he lost his unbeaten seven-fight record to his opponent's somewhat cynical use of the head as a weapon.
LOS ANGELES -- Routine episiotomies are falling out of favor in response to a growing body of evidence that they are medically unjustified, but white women, those with private insurance, and those with private practitioners are still disproportionately receiving what the popular press has called "the unkindest cut."
Was Shakespeare indebted at all to the likes of Malory if he meant by Antony's reference to "the most unkindest cut of all" (Julius Caesar 3.2.183) (1) to have had Brutus go so far as to sever his dictator's genitals vindictively for having brought him into the world out of wedlock?
Of all the people we had sample the fruit, the unkindest thing said about it was "delicious." Thin-skinned with a rosy blush, the fleshy fruit is sort of a cross between a nectarine and a regular peach.
The unkindest and most uninformed criticism--coming even from those who should know better--charges humanists with disregarding the nonhuman forms of life, with being indifferent to the biosphere, with being guilty of what is inelegantly call species-ism.
Laing to the novelist and, worst of all, the canard that Doris's curls were down to a home perm kit -- the unkindest cut of all.