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the university of life

The informal education one receives by learning from one's experiences, both good and bad, rather than a formal educational institution. My uncle might not have made it past grade school, but he's learned more from the university of life than most of our professors. A proper education is indeed important, but do not neglect the lessons you receive from the university of life.
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work (one's) way through (school)

To work a full- or part-time job in order to pay for one's tuition. "College," "university," etc., can be used instead of "school." Kate is working her way through college, but paying for classes as she's able to afford them. Your father and I both worked our way through university, so I don't see any reason why you can't do the same.
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the university of life

the experience of life regarded as a means of instruction.
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Currently, 14 universities are yet to receive charters and operate on provisional status.
Students wishing to use its findings to make decisions on courses or which universities to join would be best advised to use multiple rankings which consider other factors including quality of faculty, research output and alumni success.
Among Islamic countries, Iran with 29 universities had the largest number on the list.
Huang Mu-hsuan, Dean of Literature at NTU told Liberty Times that ARWU is focusing on the academic performance of the universities and paying attention to whether there are Nobel Laureates, scholars whose papers are highly cited, and even counting the number of papers published in famous international journals such as Nature and Science.
According to the HEC, there are currently 23 public-sector universities registered in K-P.
We call on the leaders of Birmingham City Council and the city's MPs to lobby Government to defend the educational infrastructure of the city and to meet with us, ordinary staff from across the city's universities and colleges, to defend educational provision for Birmingham, both now and in the future.
Universities, in that sense, have always been fractious places, for that is the nature of unfettered inquiry.
For the big picture, a good starting point is the National Institute of Multimedia Education (NIMA), which recently completed a nationwide survey on the subject with 287 universities (results in Japanese only can be found on their web site at
As a result, a pattern of much more intimate relationships is unfolding between top research universities and major technology companies.
They describe how star researchers in universities attract talent to a region.
Medgar Evers College, one of the few Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the northern United States, recently achieved a major milestone when its school of business was accredited, giving the Brooklyn, New York-based school's business program validation in the world of higher learning.
Agri Marketing magazine has compiled a list of universities offering a master's degree in agribusiness management or agriculture economics.
A persistent view holds that Renaissance universities were conservative homes of outmoded knowledge.
By 1920, the North American Baptist community boasted over 130 colleges, universities, and theological schools in forty-five states and three Canadian provinces.
"Businesses and universities worldwide are recognizing the fundamental importance of information security to the modern economy.
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