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Master of the Universe

1. Literally, the supreme being; God. One must always keep in mind the designs and desires of the Master of the Universe if one wishes to enter into heaven in the afterlife.
2. By extension, an extremely powerful, successful, or wealthy person, especially someone working on Wall Street in the US financial sector. John liked to think of himself as a self-styled Master of the Universe after earning his first million playing the stock market.
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armpit of the universe

A very dirty, foul, or extremely unappealing place. You definitely live in the armpit of the universe—all you can see from your apartment are oil tankers and smoke stacks! I'm sorry, but if the roach problem at his apartment is that bad, he's living in the armpit of the universe.
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Marvel Cinematic Universe

The official fictional universe that is shared by Marvel Studios media about the characters from Marvel Comics, starting with the 2008 film Iron Man and encompassing other superhero characters such as Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, and the Hulk. It includes feature films, TV shows, comic books, short films, and digital series. Geez, how many movies coming out this year are set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
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To try to explain away this and many other astounding cosmic "coincidences" that allow life to exist in our universe, some cosmologists have tried to find naturalistic alternatives to the beginning of the universe, other than it was designed by an intelligent being--a being that atheist scientists are trying to disavow.
Miss Costa Rica Universe, Fabiana Granados: The first semi-finalist of Miss Universe 2013, she is a Business Administration and Industrial Engineering student at the University of Latina Costa Rica.
In addition, the big bang theory has not yet told us a whole story for the origin and evolution of the universe with ninety-eight percent uncertainties of its composition.
According to some recent mathematical work, string theory is not a specific model of the universe but an entire "landscape" of models.
Astronomers plumb the early universe by detecting light that left a distant object long ago.
Then through the Word God's song sang all the universe into existence.
The atom and Gaia (the earth as a self-sustaining system) were obviously salient units, and after working with scientists on various models of these, I went on to explore the black hole, the DNA molecule, the universal notion of symmetry breaking and the universe as a whole (8).
There are scientists today who have shown that the universe is only a few billion years old, starting from a minute but extremely compressed matter and energy, and that we know of only one universe.
Which is not to say everyone will understand all of Greene's explanations in ``The Elegant Universe.
She wrote that Kuhns's application for a Miss Gay Universe trademark "constitutes trademark infringement and dilution.
From this and other measurements, scientists determined the universe was born 13.
In the spirit of Aquinas, I would say that the universe itself is the primary revelation of God, and the universe is made in the image and likeness of God.
The notion is spreading the principles embodied in quantum mechanics imply a central role for the human mind in determining the very nature of the universe.
The abstruse theory asserting that infinitesimal strings of energy make up the most fundamental constituents of the universe is flourishing as an icon of scientific brilliance.