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armpit of the universe

A very dirty, foul, or extremely unappealing place. You definitely live in the armpit of the universe—all you can see from your apartment are oil tankers and smoke stacks! I'm sorry, but if the roach problem at his apartment is that bad, he's living in the armpit of the universe.
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Marvel Cinematic Universe

The official fictional universe that is shared by Marvel Studios media about the characters from Marvel Comics, starting with the 2008 film Iron Man and encompassing other superhero characters such as Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, and the Hulk. It includes feature films, TV shows, comic books, short films, and digital series. Geez, how many movies coming out this year are set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
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Master of the Universe

1. Literally, the supreme being; God. One must always keep in mind the designs and desires of the Master of the Universe if one wishes to enter into heaven in the afterlife.
2. By extension, an extremely powerful, successful, or wealthy person, especially someone working on Wall Street in the US financial sector. John liked to think of himself as a self-styled Master of the Universe after earning his first million playing the stock market.
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A is the cosmological constant, p and [rho] are the pressure and density of the universe respectively, while the other quantities in (68) and (69) are as defined in the theory.
For theoretical physicist Nikodem Poplawski of Poland, this concept points to the possibility that the universe where Earth is in was formed inside the Big Bang black hole.
(I have been helping with Miss Universe for a long time.
Her looks and, more importantly, her wit captivated the audience and she was crowned Binibining Pilipinas - Universe 1969 at 18 years old.
'Did you know: The Philippine Flag has four sides and four colors, each of which representing the country's four Miss Universe winners?' Dizon said in a tweet shortly after Gray was announced as new queen of the universe.
To try to explain away this and many other astounding cosmic "coincidences" that allow life to exist in our universe, some cosmologists have tried to find naturalistic alternatives to the beginning of the universe, other than it was designed by an intelligent being--a being that atheist scientists are trying to disavow.
'Dark Universe' offers visitors of all ages front-row seats to the beauty and mystique of our universe with scientifically accurate and stunning visualizations."
Greene, a prominent string theorist well known for two previous popular books, provides the best guide available (in this universe at least) to the various forms that parallel universes might take and the science underlying them.
Shortly after Einstein published his general relativity theory, the Dutch physicist, Willem de Sitter, solved the general relativity equations without Einstein's cosmological constant to describe what appeared to be a static unchanging universe. A breakthrough came when it was discovered that De Sitter's description was a misinterpretation; the de Sitter universe is indeed expanding.
Nor has it provided a principle that would explain why our universe's constants are what they are.
While the shape that looks like a three with the swirl coming out of it to the right represents the expressed universe, the dot on the top represents the unmanifest universe.
This consciousness also opens a small window through which we can revisit the vast and complex processes of the universe that not only cause the earth to quake and hurricanes to arise, but also provide compelling evidence for the presence of a Wise, Powerful, Majestic, and Merciful Creator Who designed the universe and all that it contains for a purpose and for a fixed duration.
Still, astronomers who study dark energy in the universe keep learning new things about it.
The last few centuries have brought with them many advancements in human understanding of the structure and motion of the universe and have brought with them a new infusion of symbols, formulas and math--not to mention jargon--to illustrate these new sciences.
For this transition season I have proposed that we give attention to the ways that the lessons raise up the theme of God singing to the universe, the universe learning that song and singing back to God.