unite with (someone or something)

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unite with (someone or something)

1. To join or combine with someone or something. We are proud to unite with GlobalCorp on this exciting new project. The country united with its neighbor to defend their shared border against the enemy.
2. To join or combine two or more people, things, or groups together. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "unite" and "with." The our exciting platform is aimed at uniting up-and-coming businesses with investors eager to back a winning horse! The government's latest proposal unites the president's desire for stronger military with his opposition's desire for an increase in taxes.
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unite someone or something with someone or something

to join people or things, in any combination. We united Tom with his brother Arnold during the evening. We united our committee with the president in an effort to expand our influence.
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unite with someone

to join with someone; to go or come together with someone. I was pleased to unite with my family for the holidays. The brothers united with their sister after many years of separation.
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unite with

To have or demonstrate something in combination with something else: The new government initiative unites common sense with vision.
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