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by the unit

Fig. each; per. (Used to designate the unit of measure, but not the rate of a measure.) Lettuce is sold by the head. Gas is sold by the gallon.
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(parental) units

n. parents. (see also rent(al)s.) Hey, units! I need to talk to you about something really important.
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See also: unit


1. n. a gadget. Now, take one of the red units—put the copper strip in the slot—place the whole thing in this larger unit—and you’re done. Hand me that unit on the thingy there.
2. n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) Why are you always scratching your unit?
3. Go to (parental) units.
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Manufacturing Plants Distribution of Global Key Dental Unit Manufacturers in 2014
Army Reserve to transform from a strategic to an operational focus in order to meet expeditionary rotational requirements, the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's units now have a global mission focus.
As a result, total passenger replacement shipments are anticipated to reach 200 million units again.
Standard features: Pivoting injection unit, digital control of ejector speed and pressure, water-cooled feed throat with temperature monitor, clamp daylight up to 69.
Late transactions or adjustments also may require a new fund to be presented as major, creating an opinion unit the auditor had not considered in planning the audit.
During and subsequent to the four-week fill-up of the AOS unit with residents who requested and were approved via a multidisciplinary assessment for transfer, a variety of tailored unit-based therapeutic recreation programs were developed, including computer classes featuring individual instruction.
Some criticized women's performance in Iraq, pointing to ships and ground units with high pregnancy rates--even organized prostitution rings--as examples of women's harmful effect on unit cohesion and morale.
Beyond the purchase of a sand reclamation unit, additional equipment may be required to ensure an efficient operation.
Determining the unit of property under the proposed regulations is a three-step process.
A recycler who is fulfilling a mill contract will almost certainly go with a stationary unit.
Condo hotels take two basic forms--a condo project that includes a rental program or a hotel that offers rooms or suites for sale as condo units.
WASHINGTON -- Twenty-three Army units from around the world received the 2003 Army Award for Maintenance Excellence at a ceremony Aug.
4 million, 85 units of a 110-unit project in Kingston, P.
The 7-Eleven stores rely heavily on the work of the Covert Operations to Battle Recidivist Activities unit, which conducts criminal surveillance on career criminals, to capture violent robbers hitting some of the 100 stores in the Valley.