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unify (something) into (something)

To unite or join multiple people, things, or groups so as to form a single entity in harmony of purpose or ideology. It was his dream to unify the various nations of the island into a single country. They're proposing to unify the unions into one organization in order to hold greater leverage over workers' rights.
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unify someone or something into something

to combine people or things into a united whole. The mayor unified his party into a powerful force. I unified the committee into a strong body.
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According to Unify, the three-city events, saw more than 200 channel partners grace the Riyadh, Al Khobar and Jeddah roadshow.
He has held various roles at Unify and, most recently, as the senior vice president of product development, has directly overseen research and development for the enterprise portfolio spanning voice, unified communications, contact center and trading.
Progility Technologies has partnered with Unify for over 10 years, and also holds Unify's Master Partner OpenScape Voice (http://www.unify.com/us/products-services/unified-communications/voice-platforms.aspx) and OpenScape 4000 (http://www.unify.com/us/products-services/unified-communications/voice-platforms/hybrid-unified-communications-platforms.aspx) Specializations.
Unify India is a systems integrator and independent solution provider specialising in communications infrastructure, applications and services for enterprise customers.
"We were happy to host the first Momenta - Unify event for our customers in Qatar.
Angela Fishwick, general manager of Unify Credit Union, said, 'We are really pleased that Yvonne recognises the good work that Unify Credit Union does within the borough and that she wants to be part of that success.
Unify is a managed private network, which offers point-to-point connectivity between any two locations.
Using OneClose, the San Jose, Calif.-based firm says, companies can efficiently unify the financial close, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and financial reporting into a single, streamlined process.
It will be used to both extend and unify existing Foxboro, APV, Wonderware, Triconex, Esscor, and Simulation Sciences product lines for broader applicability across all manufacturing industry and application domains.
Aiming to unify public funding streams into capitated rates paid to a continuum of providers, it has just begun operations and is not anticipating large growth, expecting to encompass only some 4,000 elderly over the next five years.
For example, a meeting of the chairmen of the various state foundry organizations has already been held to address the questions of how the new AFS can better support the state foundry organizations and further unify our work at the state and local levels.
Summary: Unify has announced the appointment of Brightstar Communications (BSC) as its distributor for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).