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unfold into (something)

1. To reveal or turn into something after unfolding. The cloth unfolded into a beautiful map of Southeast Asia. Oh, how cute! Their wedding invitation unfolds into a paper wedding cake.
2. To cause something to reveal or turn into something else after unfolding. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "unfold" and "into." The artist unfolded the large piece of canvas into a remarkable recreation of the New York skyline. You unfold the little paper toy into a shape that tells your fortune.
3. To develop eventually into a very different situation, setting, tale, etc. The play begins with some lighthearted banter between its main characters, but it unfolds into a dark, deadly study of the animality that can take hold of people when they're backed into a corner. What was supposed to be a relaxing week in Hawaii unfolded into an utter nightmare as we fled the erupting volcanoes.
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unfold into something

1. [for something folded up] to unfold into something. The greeting card unfolded into a little paper house. It unfolded into a cute scene.
2. Fig.[for a story] to develop into something interesting. (Fig. on {2}.) The story unfolded into a real mystery. The tale unfolded into a farce.
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unfold something into something

to spread something out into something. The child unfolded the page into a model village. I unfolded the brochure into a large colorful sheet of advertising.
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