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unfold into (something)

1. To reveal or turn into something after unfolding. The cloth unfolded into a beautiful map of Southeast Asia. Oh, how cute! Their wedding invitation unfolds into a paper wedding cake.
2. To cause something to reveal or turn into something else after unfolding. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "unfold" and "into." The artist unfolded the large piece of canvas into a remarkable recreation of the New York skyline. You unfold the little paper toy into a shape that tells your fortune.
3. To develop eventually into a very different situation, setting, tale, etc. The play begins with some lighthearted banter between its main characters, but it unfolds into a dark, deadly study of the animality that can take hold of people when they're backed into a corner. What was supposed to be a relaxing week in Hawaii unfolded into an utter nightmare as we fled the erupting volcanoes.
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unfold into something

1. [for something folded up] to unfold into something. The greeting card unfolded into a little paper house. It unfolded into a cute scene.
2. Fig.[for a story] to develop into something interesting. (Fig. on {2}.) The story unfolded into a real mystery. The tale unfolded into a farce.
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unfold something into something

to spread something out into something. The child unfolded the page into a model village. I unfolded the brochure into a large colorful sheet of advertising.
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It is unlikely that the mechanical stabilities of REJd3 and REJd4 exceed that of titin I27 because: (i) we observed no more than five force peaks that show the mechanical fingerprint of I27 domains (i.e., unfolding at ~200pN and an interpeak spacing of ~28nm), (ii) the detachment forces (last force peak) are >400 pN and all protein domains studied so far unfold at forces less than this force [37], and (iii) we typically observed a spacer before the unfolding of the I27 domains.
Although MD simulation under the condition used in this study can unfold the proteins and also demonstrates the effect of crosslink, however, using this method the SASA of unfolded conformations never reached to the SASA values of the unfolded conformations obtained by instantaneously decomposing the protein native structure just by taking into consideration to preserve the standard bond lengths, bond angles and other standard chemical structure geometries.
There can be no doubt that the two narratives of the history of Christian-Muslim relations continue to unfold. There can also be no doubt, however, that since Vatican II, Catholic teaching has been clearly and consistently calling the church to reject any further active engagement in the story line of conflict, and instead to embrace fully what must be its central role in the story of dialogue and cooperation.
We then talk about their ability (and, in this case, probable inability) to surmise what will unfold. To conclude the activities for this opening day, I direct their attention to something pertinent happening in their world, something related, for instance, to that which might be taking place in the school.
One person can easily fold and unfold the Hide-a-Bench in seconds.
It is the first time for a factor that can unfold any type of protein structure to be discovered, they said.
With the press of a button, a boat propeller and specially designed wings called hydrofoils unfold from the car.
This paper compares the way lessons on systems of linear equations unfold in a classroom in the Negev region of Israel with the way they unfold in a Shanghai and Hong Kong classroom.
The frames unfold as a vignettelike sequence of reduced architectonic impressions, each one vaguely familiar as a station or stopping point: the entrance to the airport, the gate check, the baggage check, and finally, the airplane cabin.
To start planning, ask yourself, "What is our worst-case scenario?" Script how that situation could unfold, identify parties involved, and set goals for the drill.
It's a science of the built environment which allows all the wonderful potential of the Self to unfold without effort, so that we can maintain and grow our individual connectedness with the cosmic value of life (the unified field).
AMC(AW) Brian Campbell saw the action unfold, jumped on the tractor and applied the brake, preventing a potentially serious accident.
The emotional mysteries of the women gradually unfold, shedding light on each of their relationships and providing insight into long-buried secrets.
And God said to her, "I will create sages in every generation to interpret you and you will unfold through the ages as a flower unfolds, and you will be loved and admired more than any flower."