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unfold something into something

to spread something out into something. The child unfolded the page into a model village. I unfolded the brochure into a large colorful sheet of advertising.

unfold into something

1. [for something folded up] to unfold into something. The greeting card unfolded into a little paper house. It unfolded into a cute scene.
2. Fig.[for a story] to develop into something interesting. (Fig. on {2}.) The story unfolded into a real mystery. The tale unfolded into a farce.
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Although MD simulation under the condition used in this study can unfold the proteins and also demonstrates the effect of crosslink, however, using this method the SASA of unfolded conformations never reached to the SASA values of the unfolded conformations obtained by instantaneously decomposing the protein native structure just by taking into consideration to preserve the standard bond lengths, bond angles and other standard chemical structure geometries.
Thus, at the outset of the unit, they describe the setting where the action will most likely take place, and they make predictions about what they suspect will occur--in other words, they anticipate how the plot in this, their chosen story, may unfold.
The researchers said the scissors-like factor they found in yeast cells also unfolds and makes corded other types of protein that cause Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease.
A moderator and role players feed crisis team members details as the scenario unfolds.
Life unfolds in space and its progress is seen in time.
As the stories unfold, the paths of the three women cross and criss-cross until they finally meet and sit together at the airport.
The static concept--the architecture of the composition--needs to unfold, needs performance.
To see these scenes of carnage unfold before our eyes was a nightmare, but one from which we will never wake.
The crazy capers unfold when a cheating husband decides to entertain his chic Parisian mistress for the weekend.
A space mirror expected to flash reflected sunlight down to earth failed to unfold after repeated attempts by the Mir space station's crew.
Automates More Tasks Available directly from CIMLOGIC for $1295 and fully integrated with Mechanical Desktop, Toolbox/SM will automatically create a flat pattern simply by clicking on an unfold button and picking an the edge of the model.
The stories of sexual abuse, which do not fully unfold until the end of the book, are riveting.
We have to be Bold and strong In difficult times Use the power of the mind To unfold your dreams Each day has its magic moments And we can move on And make history.
In 1997, Rief's research group used an AFM to grasp onto and forcibly unfold individual molecules of titin.