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expect the unexpected

Be prepared to face unanticipated events or situations. Climbing a mountain has many dangers, so no matter how much you prepare, expect the unexpected.
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unexpected always happens

Prov. The things you do not foresee will happen to you; when you plan, you cannot think of everything that might happen. It took us an hour to drive to the restaurant, and when we got there, it was closed. I would never have expected a restaurant to be closed on a Friday night, but the unexpected always happens. Especially to me.
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I think it's just the total unexpectedness and lightheartnedness of the place that I like.
Considering he didn't feature in Alex McLeish's plans at the start of the season, Mols admitted the unexpectedness of the success this season made it all the sweeter.
Unexpectedness is one of the main motifs of Russo's stories.
Degas being Degas, of course, there are abundant pleasures in even the most unexceptional of these early works--his seductive, incisive drawing, his exploitation of the jockey's silks to provide exotic orchestrations of color, his choice of original perspectives--but as a group, the pictures lack the unexpectedness that characterizes the painter at his best.
Listen to the rhymes, how they creep in unobtrusively and "shock" through unexpectedness, as if he had happened on them there at the sea's edge.
Jesus underscored the suddenness and unexpectedness of his appearance, but he did not advocate doing anything out of the ordinary or anything other than performing one's daily tasks (farming, grinding) in such a manner as to be ever ready to welcome the hour of the Son of Man,
Few would have expected such unexpectedness in her last tournament, but it is a situation that's sure to bring the crowds rushing to the Emirates Golf Club today (entrance is free).
The play succeeds not just because of its rare authenticity, but because of its engaging unexpectedness.
In context, these snatches of melody are clearly aimed at pointing up the music's mystical-devotional qualities and allusions, but they escape the pitfall of unreconstructed exoticism by both the democratic seamlessness of their integration and often their sheer unexpectedness.
For the people involved, it's a nightmare of monumental proportions, of course, made worse by its evident unexpectedness.
Thomas Saenz, the mayor's chief counsel, said much of the confusion and concern can be attributed to the unexpectedness of the deal.
There was little surprise in some categories - Acker Bilk for the Gold Award, Peter King for Instrumentalist of the Year - but a pleasing unexpectedness about the naming of singer Liane Carroll not only as Vocalist of 2005 but also triumphant in the Best of Jazz slot.
The unexpectedness and speed of diagnosis left all parents ill-prepared to deal with the situation.
Part of the devastating effects that such incidents can cause is because of the sheer unexpectedness of an attack.
It is a poetry whose pleasure - and this is an eminently readable collection - is not usually in the parading of sound or word or image but more often in the sheer unexpectedness of detail.