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expect the unexpected

Be prepared to face unanticipated events or situations. Climbing a mountain has many dangers, so no matter how much you prepare, expect the unexpected.
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the unexpected always happens

No matter what you prepare for or think will happen, it is always that which you had no way of anticipating that will end up occurring. Back when I was 18 and just about to start college, I would have never guessed that I would end up raising a family in rural Mongolia. Well, the unexpected always happens, doesn't it? Don't get too stressed trying to plan for all the eventualities, Tom. The unexpected always happens, so just try to put yourself in the position where you can best deal with it.
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unexpected always happens

Prov. The things you do not foresee will happen to you; when you plan, you cannot think of everything that might happen. It took us an hour to drive to the restaurant, and when we got there, it was closed. I would never have expected a restaurant to be closed on a Friday night, but the unexpected always happens. Especially to me.
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He simply waits for his hidden goodness to shine through, and unexpectedly captivate and bring down to earth the high-flying love of his life!
Seoul: LG Electronics., the world's second-largest TV maker, unexpectedly reported a wider fourth-quarter loss because of European Union price-fixing fines, slumping demand and a stronger won.
Retail sales unexpectedly grew last month, official figures have revealed, as department stores bucked the gloomy trend on the high street.
Turkey announced a round of promotions for the top brass in NATO's second largest military on Wednesday but unexpectedly failed to name a new head of the armed forces or army chief, Reuters cited Anatolian news agency as saying.
TUMTHING TO HIDE: Candice tries to cover herself after boyfriend Warren's family arrive home unexpectedly and catch her performing a striptease; HANDS ON: Warren gets to grips with Candice
Their wish unexpectedly came true but in a not-so-good setting - in the hospital.
The central bank of Norway has unexpectedly increased its rates.
In Belgium of 1944, he experiences tragedy, and falls in love with a beautiful seamstress whose husband was sent to a forced labor camp in 1940 and presumed dead--then unexpectedly returns alive, forcing a heartbreaking choice.
Unable to repress her curiosity, Una searches for the source of the light flash and unexpectedly falls into a strange land filled with unusual characters and considerable danger!
A block of foam insulation fired from a gun at more than 800 kilometers per hour smashed this unexpectedly large hole in a shuttle wing panel.
It's a tempting conjecture, and there was, of course, always the actually quite strong ongoing possibility that, had Cranko not died so unexpectedly and prematurely, he would eventually have become the artistic director of the company for which he maintained strong links and a sometimes wary affection.
Karen Ramos and Janica Mae Regalo (Unexpectedly Yours)
The central bank of South Africa has unexpectedly cut its interest rate.