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Training of unemployed citizens from among the inhabitants of the large region by profession "electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment"
In the fourth quarter of 2017, the share of long-term unemployed persons in the total number of unemployed persons constituted 32.
In Lithuania, the level of the unemployed at risk of poverty was 60 percent, in Latvia 56, 55 percent in Bulgaria, 54 percent in Estonia, the Czech Republic 52 percent, Romania 51 percent, and others.
The highest number of unemployed graduates reside in Punjab, where over 310,000 cannot find work.
Bath Mwenesi Okang'a, diploma 2011, degree 2015 (Medical Lab Tech), unemployed.
The governments of Austria, Luxembourg, and Greece are at the forefront of efforts to transform unemployed people who have lost all hope into workers with a renewed sense of dignity.
There is also some evidence that job quality is important for health and wellbeing, although some studies suggest people in poor quality jobs are still better off in terms of life satisfaction and wellbeing than those who remain unemployed.
The situation gets better and better as people get older with only around five per cent of people aged 25 to 34 unemployed in the UK and just three per cent of 35 to 49-year-olds.
Steven Green, 36, unemployed ,of Yardley Wood Road, Yardley Wood, jailed for six years for conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine.
9 million) of those employed in the fourth quarter 2015 were observed to be unemployed in the first quarter 2016, and 2.
We examined the extent to which unemployed individuals identified with an unemployed "in-group" and whether this influenced readiness to change their unemployed status.
HELPING long-term unemployed people into work and providing them with relevant skills that employers need is a vital, though sometimes over-looked, element of the service Further Education (FE) colleges provide in the North East.
A total of 302 775 people were registered as unemployed in September, which represented a decrease of 4046 persons compared to August.
com Candidate Motivation & Behavior in the Ag Industry" survey found that only 12% of respondents were unemployed, valuable information was gleaned from those participants.
MADRyD (CyHAN)- The number of people registered as unemployed in Spain fell by 2.