What's done cannot be undone

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What's done cannot be undone.

Prov. You cannot change what has already happened. Jill: I wish I hadn't insulted Maria. Jane: What's done cannot be undone. Jill soon regretted telling Mike that she loved him, but she knew that what's done cannot be undone.
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Undone Chocolate said it believes Affinity Beverage Group has the right platform and resources to take its vision to the next level.
Previously, shirts buttoned up to the neck with ties were expected for work and formal events, one button undone with a tie for the end of the working day, two undone for a good night out and three only for those rare tanned and toned few.
One day in Dunedin, Donna eyed an inane dandy and annoyed Ned; union undone, innuendo ended in adieu [Pat Donaldson]
3 : to cause the ruin or failure of <He was undone by greed.
What is the impact of necessary tasks left undone on the odds of frequent adverse events in chronic hemodialysis units?
There were combinations such as phallologocentrism, or the madness of fraternocracy, which had to be undone, turned around, again and again, looking ahead.
While chatting away with co-host Eamonn Holmes, Phillips, from Haverfordwest, was unaware that her blouse had become undone and had slowly worked itself open.
Fiona puts a brave front on telly boobGMTV's Fiona Phillips put on a brave front after her blouse came undone on screen.
Come Undone (Presque Rien) * Written by Sebastien Lifshitz and Stephane Bouquet * Directed by Lifshitz * Starring Jeremie Elkaim and Stephane Rideau * Picture This
During a two-day trial at Maidstone Magistrates Court, the 21-stone defendant claimed that the zip of his green cords came undone accidentally as he sat down, and that he was too fat to notice.
Recent Republican efforts have undone that work, notes McCluskey, who further argues that GOP proposals demonstrate "the hypocrisy and stupidity of complicating the tax code.
As Rumrich appeals to "feminine" principles of nature, wildness, and generation to subvert a masculinist Milton - redefining chaos itself as the "feminine otherness" (145) of God - one cultural stereotype is undone by reaffirming another.
The best explanation may be that generations of segregation and entrenched attitudes take generations to undo -- and we don't know yet if they can ever be completely undone.
Nothing was undone by a world; or with world nothing wasn't undone that wasn't already undone.