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what is done cannot be undone

You cannot reverse, change, or take back that which has already happened. This is a delicate situation, so you can't act impulsively. Keep in mind that what is done cannot be undone.
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what's done cannot be undone

You cannot change what has already happened or come to pass, so there's no use worrying or stressing about it; what's done is done. I know this isn't the outcome we wanted, but what's done cannot be undone, so let's just try to make the most of a bad situation. I'm really disappointed in what you did, but what's done cannot be undone—let's just forget about it now.
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What's done cannot be undone.

Prov. You cannot change what has already happened. Jill: I wish I hadn't insulted Maria. Jane: What's done cannot be undone. Jill soon regretted telling Mike that she loved him, but she knew that what's done cannot be undone.
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Another table representative, who identified herself as a survivor of an Indian residential school, said one thing she thought should be undone was the tendency of Indigenous children in her community to learn the history of their people as told by non-Indigenous people, not by Indigenous people themselves.
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Studying two different ways to tie knots in shoe laces, one of which is weak and the other strong, the team found both those knots come undone, albeit at different time scales.
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Council spokeswoman Paulina Rehbinder said: "When women perform vigorous exercise the bras come undone so they've to stop and undo all their kit to clip them back together."
Lee Upton; UNDID IN THE LAND OF UNDONE; New Issues Poetry & Prose $14.00 ISBN: 9781930974722
Laughing off the rumours Stewart said they sparked off after she appeared on the sets with a button undone on her jeans.
Nin, an undue idea on end, anidian eddy, anidian dune, a denuded undine nun, a deo, a neo-Nana, Danae, Danu, Diana, a noonday Onanoid dandy, a union in deed and a union denied, Nin, a neon ode--done, undone, ended [Sara Bailey]
Every action you perform is recorded in the History window and may be undone. You can even redo an action you've undone.
* What is the relationship between RN staffing levels and necessary tasks left undone in chronic hemodialysis units?