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get (one's) undivided attention

To do something to become the sole thing that someone is focused on. OK, now that your sister's asleep, you've got my undivided attention—tell me what happened earlier. You will get their undivided attention if you have your lawyer send them a letter.
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have (one's) undivided attention

To be the sole thing that one is focused on. OK, now that your sister's asleep, you have my undivided attention—tell me what happened earlier. You will have their undivided attention if you have your lawyer send them a letter.

get/have somebody’s undivided atˈtention

(often humorous) receive somebody’s full attention: I’ll just finish writing this sentence, and then you can have my undivided attention.
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who hold an 80% and 20% undivided interest, respectively.
Enri's right to the property was limited to his one-fourth share, he had no right to sell the undivided portions that belonged to his siblings or their respective heirs.
Congress passed a law in October 1995, calling for an undivided Jerusalem to be recognized as Israel's capital and to authorize funding for moving the U.
Through MTV India Undivided, we are trying to bring the finest of the music worlds together on one platform.
Generally, contributions of partial interests in property are not deductible; however, contributions of an undivided portion of the taxpayer's entire interest in property, a qualified conservation contribution, or a remainder interest in a personal residence or farm are deductible.
They owned the improved property as tenants in common, each owning an undivided one-half interest therein.
Almost nine out of 10 people in a relationship said that undivided attention would be preferable to an "indulgent gift" on Valentine's Day.
But with the history of that road, I don't think it's a very good idea, particularly since it changes back to undivided.
In Undivided Rights--Women of Color Organize for Reproductive Justice, authors Silliman, Fried, Ross and Gutierrez provide a poignant history of women of color organizations that challenged the status quo by boldly confronting what mainstream prochoice forces have resisted for far too long--a concept of reproductive freedom that embodies a holistic approach to women's health and wellness with community, culture and family at its core.
Unlike many traditional 1031 exchange programs which acquire single or multi-tenant net leased properties, this multifamily acquisition was structured in tenants-m-common (TIC) interests and was composed of 13 investors who purchased undivided TIC interests in the property.
The Finnish private equity company Amada Capital Plc said on Wednesday (10 March) that the Finnish real-estate investment company Interavanti Oyj had filed a lawsuit against the company regarding transactions made by the undivided Finvest Ltd in 1997.
He was particularly a towering figure in the Ecumenical Movement for Christian unity, to which he devoted a major part of his long life and work as an early pioneer in the 1930s, an architect in the formation of the World Council of Churches, and an influential builder from within the Faith and Order Commission, where he made the voice of Eastern Orthodoxy heard by witnessing to the historic experience and the faith of the early undivided Church.
The court cited IRC section 25 18(c), which says that only an undivided portion of an interest may be disclaimed.
This story is actually several stories in one but they eventually join in a single, plausible plot that requires listeners' undivided attention.
Affirming the dismissal in an opinion by Judge Wallace, the Ninth Circuit noted that Ford and Citibank did not contend that any plaintiff had an individual damages claim exceeding $75,000, that the individual claims could be aggregated, or that the individual plaintiffs had a common and undivided interest in a claim for damages.