hero of the underworld

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hero (of the underworld)

n. heroin. Don says he knows the hero of the underworld well.
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Teesside hard man Brian Cockerill 49, has appeared in a TV documentary about gangsters and the underworld
A year later, she married Underworld director Len Wiseman.
She manages to win the sympathy of her husband, though not that of the Underworld chorus who tie her up to prevent her return to the world of her mother.
Tirodkar alleged that Nayak had links with the underworld and that he would extort money from underworld gangsters, including Chhota Shakheel.
Rushdie did not attribute the assassination threat to the Islamic Republic or Iranian agents or even to Muslims, just to Indian underworld figures.
Underworld - whose hit Born Slippy, from the Trainspotting soundtrack, was noted for its cry of "lager, lager, lager" - will be responsible for all the music in the three-hour ceremony on July 27.
Speaking after the meeting, Papadopoulos said the market value of ambelopoulia poaching was in the range of tens of millions of euros and he personally had received a complaint from a game warden, saying he had been threatened by a member of the underworld.
When Hades, King of the Underworld, crossed paths with Persephone, he found her so beautiful that he kidnaped her and took her to his Underworld kingdom.
Prasad Purohit, associated with the hardcore militant Abhinav Bharat organization, and other 10 accused persons alleged that the Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray and his party were hand in gloves with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar and had patched up with him.
99 SET in the dark, criminal underworld of post war 1950s to 1970s London, we follow the lives of Brian Oldman and his uncle, Jack Braden.
She can appeal to the ruler of that Underworld for her life (after completing a dangerous, four-year journey) or she can try to get out through the Underworld of another culture.
Behind him, Rick Smith and latest recruit Darren Price look unlikely musical heroes, but the pair are the foundation on which the Underworld live experience is built.
Profile of Brian Cockerill, alias the Taxman - the self-proclaimed scourge of the Teesside underworld.
Somehow the news reaches the Underworld, where Eurydice's long-lost father gets wind of it and sends a letter of congratulations and regret.
Into the World of the Dead: Astonishing Adventures in the Underworld