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undertake to do something

to try to do something; to take the responsibility of doing something. The carpenter undertook to repair the door frame. I will undertake to fix it.
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Lee noted that the FSC will encourage the mainland branches of domestic banks to undertake more renminbi-denominated credit extension, rather than just accepting deposits.
The charity Missing Wales is looking for people to undertake the abseil at Tan y Pistyll Waterfall, Llanrhaeadr, which is the highest falls in England and Wales and 60ft higher than Niagara.
Girl Scouts of the San Fernando Valley decided to undertake a forestry improvement plan for the health and safety of our campers.
I may only have been driving for eight months, but I have yet to be 'forced' to undertake anyone.
Due to the fact that the final Russian military personnel were only withdrawn from Estonia in 1994, Estonia chose first to create a para-military forces to undertake border security tasks.
2) The virologic suppression (VS) strategy has participants immediately undertake therapy following randomization with the goal of virologic suppression, regardless of CD4 T cell count.
However, after its string of ineffective fiscal remedies, the additional bureaucracy necessary to manage this policy might be the best expenditure Japan's government could undertake today.
The staff members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and of the Federal Reserve Banks undertake studies that cover a wide range of economic and financial subjects.
At the moment we have two students on placement with the special interest group - Andrea Lott (RMTT student) and Yvonne Mak (Charles Sturt student), who are undertaking two pieces of practice research - one on discharge planning at Box Hill Hospital and Monash Medical Centre, and the other is a project to explore the type of practice research being undertaken by social workers in agencies; the difficulties in undertaking practice research; and the ways in which a group like the AASW practice research group can assist practitioners to undertake research.
Because all expenses are not immediately deductible, companies have little incentive to undertake cleanup activities voluntarily.
The national Civil Engineering Specialist is required to (i) draft the terms of reference for the PMC and DSCs, (ii) undertake technical assessment of the RBL program from the engineering perspective, in particular, on the assessment of results framework and RBIs as well as the expenditures and financing plan, and define the scope of the program, (iii) undertake program system assessment of the RBL program, in particular, on the M&E system and the procurement system, and propose draft program action plan,
However, in many cases, purchasers of products in foreign currencies undertake no (or only partial) hedging.