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undertake to (do something)

To pledge or commit to some task or activity; to assume responsibility to do something. After the incident, the senator undertook to reform the existing legislation around the issue. The local council has undertaken to clean up the public spaces around the city. Bob is undertaking to transfer all of our company data to a newer, more reliable digital storage medium.
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undertake to do something

to try to do something; to take the responsibility of doing something. The carpenter undertook to repair the door frame. I will undertake to fix it.
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Internationally, practitioners who undertake CCTs undergo further training and are required to pass a board exam before becoming certified critical care paramedics.
In the wake of the crushing debt crisis we went through, the Philippine government has had to undertake painful structural reforms to cut chronic budget deficits and reduce the propensity to rely on debt.
The main recommendations of the are: | To undertake a larger and nationally representative primary data collection exercise in Wales to identify the extent of the issues; | To undertake an assessment of the competent person's scheme, in particular the surveying and installation elements, with a view to providing specific guidance for improvements to processes such as the assessment of risks regarding the level of exposure to wind-driven rain, and | To develop a concise maintenance guide for installers, housing managers and occupants to help ensure that basic measures are taken to protect the insulation installation and thus make failure less likely.
The timing is one year ahead of the original schedule, thanks to the agreement of the China Banking Regulatory Commission to allow the mainland branches of Taiwanese banks to undertake renminbi-related businesses, so long as they can turn in a profit one full year after their establishment, rather than one full fiscal year of operation.
I undertake the precept to refrain from destroying living creatures.
Chinese companies are to undertake route upgrades and supply rolling stock under a series of major contracts signed in Beijing on July 13th during the first state visit by President Ms Cristina Fernandez.
The Foreign Investment Office (FIO) mentored students from the SP Jain Center of Management to undertake a study of the key strategic areas related to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
The Labour Ministry should review rules that require work permits for housemaids be issued only when both the expat and his company undertake joint liability.
ADRENALINE junkies are wanted to undertake a 240ft charity abseil.
He said: "These are undertaken by up to 10 clinical reviewers and two operational reviewers all whom have volunteered to undertake this role and have been trained appropriately.
YOUR front page article 'Jail for Graffiti vandals' (Journal September 11) and the clumsy comments of Judge Faulks and Detective Inspector Pitt, contributes once again to misconceptions around what graffiti actually is, and wrongly criminalises those who undertake graffiti legally in Newcastle and beyond.
Oakland had previously gone on hiatus in 2004-05 in order to undertake a (successful) $500,000 fundraising campaign.
Historical study can certainly provide plentiful opportunity for students to engage in group work, enabling them to support one another and, in large measure, to take responsibility for organizing the learning activities they undertake. (14) Moreover, learning to work co-operatively within budget and to deadlines may well be of great value in providing the type of experience that commonly arises in the workplace.
Even when forest health was discussed as directly affecting camper safety by decreasing fire danger, most administrators noted that they simply did not have the funds to undertake forestry projects and preferred to put their money to work in other areas of program and property development.