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cracked up to be

Reputed or said to be. Typically used in the phase "isn't all it's cracked up to be." I'm so impressed with my new car—a luxury car really is all it's cracked up to be! Honestly, the movie isn't what it's cracked up to be. Maybe I'm just not the right audience for it.
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make (oneself) understood

To make others understand exactly what one is trying to convey. I want all of this cleaned up right now, or I'll take away your video games for the weekend. Have I made myself understood? I tried explaining the directions to the tourist, but my Japanese is so limited that I couldn't make myself understood.
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cracked up to be something

 and cracked up to be; cracked up as something
alleged or understood to be something. She was cracked up to be a pretty good player. She was cracked up as a pretty good golfer. (Used with the negative.) He is not the problem solving CEO that he was cracked up to be.
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cracked up to be

asserted to be (used to indicate that someone or something has been described too favourably). informal
This expression stems from the use of crack as an adjective to mean ‘pre-eminent’, a sense dating from the late 18th century.
1986 Willy Russell Shirley Valentine Our Brian suddenly realised that the part of Joseph wasn't as big as it had been cracked up to be.
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ˌmake yourself underˈstood

make your meaning clear, especially in another language: He doesn’t speak much Japanese but he can make himself understood.
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cracked up to be

mod. supposed to be. This pizza isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.
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Wolin's account of Calvin repeats this theme because he thinks Calvin, in contrast to Machiavelli and Hobbes, understood that the power of a community if it is not repressive requires active membership (171).
understood!" There is reason to believe, in other words, that many
He relates to the stranger how he (and the disciples) has understood Jesus' life and death in relation to their hopes of liberation.
It took an education process to make sure that the Airmen we sent over there understood exactly why it was we were there.
We also need to make sure that the results are clearly communicated and understood by the team so that the best business decisions can be made."
He goes on to examine the ways in which this notion of personal renewal was understood by the Greek and Latin Fathers concluding that this was the contribution of Catholicism on the thought of the Italian humanists.
Visionaries of the past have understood the value of lifelong learning in mankind's quest to develop its highest potential.
When properly translated, almah doesn't mean virgin but "young girl." As the text was translated into Matthew's Greek, parthenos is used, which usually is understood as "virgin." Throughout the ages "virgin," rather than young girl, became integral to the description and understanding of Mary.
It is possible to speak confidently of cult temples in New Kingdom Egypt but those of the Old and Middle Kingdom are a lot less well understood. In the first section of the book the writer has done this by conjuring a romantic language onto the bare bones of what is known and then describing the typological elements of the buildings, using them as a guide.
The biological interplay of DNA, proteins, and other subcellular components in supporting the necessary functions of life--in this case, a very simple bacterium--would be completely understood. Nothing mysterious or "protoplasmic" would remain: the very mechanism of life would stand revealed in all its complexity.
I want to argue against an excessive emphasis on the cultural creation of subjectivity, and to argue that witchcraft and exorcism, those most alien of early modern social phenomena, or courtship and ritual, those seemingly irreducibly collective early modern social events, cannot be understood without reference to their psychic dimension." (p.
The police will have to show that they demonstrated patience and restraint, that they carefully assessed and understood the subject's behavior and motivation, and that they felt compelled to use force only to save lives and not simply because they had the ability.
Quantitative research as understood and described by quantitative researchers is very different from the same phenomenon as understood and described by proponents of qualitative research.
One will understand the speakers of that language, whereas before one learned the language one would not have understood or have been able to participate in conversation.
From this point of view nothing is ever completely misunderstood, nor is it ever fully understood. Rather, understanding is a developmental process by which we progress from a lesser to a more perfect understanding.