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come to an understanding

To reach an agreement or compromise (with someone else). With the way they're arguing, I think it'll be a while before they're able come to an understanding.
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come to an understanding with (one)

To reach an agreement or compromise with one. Considering how they're arguing, I think it'll be a while before Aunt Jean is able to come to an understanding with Uncle Ed.
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on the understanding that

Dependent on agreement to a specific named condition. I'm willing to lend you the money, on the understanding that it will be repaid with interest. His parents agreed to pay for his college tuition, on the understanding that he would pursue a career in medicine.
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reach an understanding

To achieve some state of mutual agreement (with someone) about something, especially after a period of discussion, debate, negotiation, etc. I've reached an understanding with my ex-wife about how we'll handle raising the kids. We've tried to be diplomatic with the other party during these negotiations, but we're finding it possible to reach an understanding.
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the foggiest understanding

A basic, vague, or rudimentary understanding (about something). Often used in negative constructions. Do you have the foggiest understanding of how much this mistake is going to cost the company? Even though I could speak a little Japanese, I didn't have the foggiest understanding what the woman was talking about.
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come to an understanding

(with someone) Go to reach an understanding with someone.
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reach an understanding with someone

 and come to an understanding (with someone)
to achieve a settlement or an agreement with someone. I hope we are able to reach an understanding with the commissioners. We were able to reach an understanding with Tony.
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on the underˈstanding that...

(formal) used to introduce a condition that must be agreed before something else can happen: They agreed to the changes on the understanding that they would be introduced gradually.
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n. the feet. (Old. A pun. Always singular.) The boy has a good understanding. Majorly big gunboats, in fact.
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In phrases such as 'Dasein is an entity which, in its very Being, comports itself understandingly toward that Being' we see the way that Dasein projects an understanding onto its world, one gained from what 'they' say, from experience and through Dasein's Being through care [Martin Heidegger, Being and Time, trans.
AT THIS POINT the question might understandingly arise: why did we pick 1963 as the big year?
must be so control]ed or affected by persuasion or pressure, artful or fraudulent contrivances, or by the insidious influences of persons in close confidential relations with him, that he is not left to act intelligently, understandingly, and voluntarily, but ...
The concern remained, however, that the agreements be "executed fairly and understandingly and be free from fraud, imposition, deception, or overreaching." Id.
1755, 1760 (2010) (stating pleas can only be effective if entered knowingly, voluntarily, and understandingly); see also Bradshaw v.
Dasein is distinct from other entities in that 'its very Being comports itself understandingly towards that Being' (Heidegger, 1962: p78).
"We shall obey and adore in proportion as we apprehend the divine nature and love Him understandingly, warring no more over the corporeality, but rejoicing in the affluence of our God.
If we understood each other perfectly face-to-face, presumably we would cease to speak: in the end we would just look understandingly at each other.
Smile understandingly. Say, "Thanks for bringing your kids to church." Even offer to show a child the statues or stained glass windows while Mommy talks to someone after Mass.
When Deianira hears the true reason for her husband's sack of "high-towered Oechalia," that "it was Love alone that bewitched him into this violence," she comments understandingly:
Though I was born and bred a countryman and Williams was as natively urban (and far more understandingly urban than I was rural), as I read his poems that summer in a place so congenial to my mind, they seemed oddly to fit.
7b it can also understandingly seen why common methods aim at the Layer around #26.
When the needs of family members of neuroscience patients were compared between those that planned an admission and those for whom the admission was unexpected, understandingly their needs were different.
There is a kind of double projection in this hermeneutic paradigm of constitutional analysis: on the one hand, practices in their interrelatedness are projecting possibilities; on the other, Dasein projects understandingly itself upon possibilities.
Super bantamweight Frampton (6-0) is understandingly excited by the fact his next six bouts will be in his home town.