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The governing body would also be able to press ahead with redevelopment plans under their own steam, if they so choose.
Genetic research shows many deliberate human introductions were largely responsible for the greys' conquest of the UK, rather than them spreading across the country under their own steam.
A SCHEME is underway to get more people in Northumberland travelling under their own steam.
Even with the price of petrol as high as it is, many people will drive a hundred yards to the local shop for a bag of sugar rather than get there under their own steam.
The new route will be ready ahead of this year's Urdd National Eisteddfod held at Glynllifon, encouraging visitors who are staying locally to make their way to the Maes under their own steam.
Instead fundraisers will be making their way around part of their course under their own steam.
The first event is scheduled to take place on June 21, when members of staff will leave their cars at home and travel to work under their own steam.
They're not discharging patients under their own steam, making their own decisions,' he told ABC News.
After a week they will be progressing over much of the resort local areas under their own steam.
In addition, there were other inebriated sports fan who turned up in A&E under their own steam, also seeking medical help.
The school has also introduced cycle parks in the playground to encourage more pupils to arrive under their own steam.
In the school year 2005-06, 55% of youngsters in the county got to school under their own steam, compared with a national average of 46%.
They do not pre-book attractions and they wish to wander around and see what we have to offer under their own steam.
If we can build confidence to shore them up to suspend their assumptions, they are likely to let their children fly from the nest under their own steam, rather than be transported in that helicopter.
Black also stages, well, black comic shootouts in which corpses can be as much a part of the action as bodies that can still move under their own steam.