the uncrowned king/queen

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the uncrowned king/queen of (something)

Someone popularly considered to be the best or most impressive in a particular field or activity. The young woman has attracted a huge and fervent fan base, with many calling her the uncrowned queen of social media. In my opinion, he's not just the uncrowned king of featherweight boxers, but the best fighter in the entirety of the sport.
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(be) the ˌuncrowned ˈking/ˈqueen (of something)

the person considered to be the best, most famous or successful in a particular place or area of activity: Because of her expertise, she is regarded as the uncrowned queen of music in Pakistan.
A king or queen who is uncrowned, has not yet had a crown placed on their head.
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UNPREDICTABILITY OF LIFE: Who knew Sridevi wouldn't be there to see her daughter take baby steps into a world where she was the uncrowned queen for so many years.
Islam and Gender in Colonial Northeast Africa: Sitti 'Alawiyya, the Uncrowned Queen
Seminyak is the uncrowned queen of Bali's culinary scene where you can find most of the world's renowned cuisines from Japanese sushi to Greek souvlaki; you name it.
Model- turned- actress Gauhar Khan is undoubtedly the uncrowned queen of drama this season.
She was dressed in a resplendent white satin gown, decorated with thousands of tiny seed pearls and the floral emblems of the Commonwealth and although she was wearing the George IV State Diadem crown, she remained - for just an hour or so more - an uncrowned Queen.
FAMOUSLY, she ruled for only nine days as the uncrowned queen of England in 1553.
THE uncrowned Queen of Ireland, Nina Carberry will have her first ride in Carberry set for Nation the National aboard Forest Gunner a week on Saturday.
Hailed as the uncrowned queen of Iraq, Gertrude Bell spent her life exploring the Middle East.
The uncrowned queen of Britain flies high with a memorable set of self-penned songs and time-honoured lyrics in contemporary settings.
He explained during Five's documentary, Camilla - The Uncrowned Queen , how "Charles and Camilla are so compatible", adding: "They both love gardening, they both love painting and they both love riding""
They called it cowpunk, and Maria McKee was the uncrowned queen of what became known as alt country.
SUPERMUM Jean Hughes is the uncrowned queen of the road after clocking up an amazing 27 years doing the school run.
THE UNCROWNED queen of the golden age of children's book illustration was fifty-four when she died at her house in Hampstead.