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73% of people think adding people you don't know as LinkedIn connections is UNCOOL
A quarter of mums and dads said their kids thought they were uncool no matter what they did, and a fifth of parents worried about embarrassing the children.
The result, however unfair, is that Belgians are still rated terminally uncool.
But there is an opportunity here, a possibility: to foster a drinking culture in Britain in which it's totally uncool to get drunk.
And to give an interview saying that you fell in love with someone's husband while they were still married, is not only uncool but downright wrong.
I came to love hillbilly music - beat that for uncool.
THE cool dudes from the Kings Road swagger into Watford tonight to meet the uncool squares from Vicarage Road, eh?
Or has it become so unpopular or uncool that someone up in editing has decided that the only way to sell the mag is via sex, drugs, and unruly behavior
People think they will seem uncool if they do not take drugs.
Kind of the same way the hippest things become increasingly uncool when embraced by the maddening crowd.
Or, just as an NYPD T-shirt looks slightly silly on an off-duty financial consultant from Treorchy, won't there be something a little uncool about an office worker from Wrexham wearing the White Ensign?
Apparently everyone else in the country still considers the Brummie accent untrustworthy and uncool.
Inspector Ian Proud, of Stanley Police, said: "We had hoped piped classical music would have had some effect by making the bus station an uncool place to go.
I always feel incredibly uncool around him; therefore he's my role model.