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Rose eagerly told all she knew, and Uncle Alec listened, with an odd smile lurking about his mouth, though his eyes were quite sober as he watched the face before him.
And Uncle Alec gave an approving nod, that made Rose wish she had been the one to earn it.
When Uncle Alec had gone I proposed a saunter to the farther end of the orchard, where I had left a book the preceding evening.
Aunt Janet, Uncle Blair is here," I announced breathlessly at the kitchen door.
My dear boy," cries the uncle, kissing him, "I am heartily glad to hear it.
Nightingale, who well knew his uncle to be as headstrong as his father, submitted to attend him home, and then they both returned back into the room, where the old gentleman promised to carry himself with the same decorum which he had before maintained.
At the bank Tom was admitted into the private room where his uncle was, immediately after sending in his name.
One night, within four-and-twenty hours of the time when he had settled to take shipping for London, my uncle supped at the house of a very old friend of his, a Bailie Mac something and four syllables after it, who lived in the old town of Edinburgh.
Her uncle and aunt listened to her stories eagerly and in spite of their doubts began to feel that the little girl had gained a lot of experience and wisdom that were unaccountable in this age, when fairies are supposed no longer to exist.
Na," says my uncle, "but this is no a very chanty kind of a proceeding, and I'm bound to be prepared.
He was a strong man, a kind uncle and the best sailor in the South Atlantic.
My uncle, always kind and good to me, has been kinder and better than ever.
Aunt Sally and Benny flung themselves at Uncle Silas, screaming and crying, and hugged him and hung to him, and Aunt Sally said go away, she wouldn't ever give him up, they shouldn't have him, and the niggers they come crowding and crying to the door and--well, I couldn't stand it; it was enough to break a person's heart; so I got out.
Tomorrow Uncle Henry and I must start back for Kansas.
Dorothy was eager to go with him on this journey, and Uncle Henry thought she would be good company and help cheer him up; so he decided to take her along.