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When my uncle reached the end of Leith Walk, he had to cross a pretty large piece of waste ground which separated him from a short street which he had to turn down to go direct to his lodging.
There might be a dozen of them, or there might be more-- my uncle was never quite certain on this point, and being a man of very scrupulous veracity about numbers, didn't like to say-- but there they stood, all huddled together in the most desolate condition imaginable.
I'm sure I don't know exactly what you CAN do to earn money, but if your uncle and I are able to support you we will do it willingly, and send you to school.
I'm not so sure about that," remarked Uncle Henry, shaking his gray head doubtfully.
Something in Uncle Alec's face touched Rose to the heart, and when he held out his hand with that anxious troubled look in his eyes, she was moved to put up her innocent lips and seal the contract with a confiding kiss.
But she did not get it, for a brown hand took possession of it as her uncle said quickly
No doubt it was foolish of me," agreed Uncle Blair gaily.
I remember them as two most adorable tots," said Uncle Blair, shaking hands.
Eh, man," cried my uncle, scrambling to his feet, "give me a meenit
Weel," said my uncle, "I dinnae care what he said, he leed, and the solemn God's truth is this, that I gave him twenty pound.
Has your uncle received any answer from Major Fitz-David?
Did your uncle say anything when he showed you the major's letter?
Sixteen; I mean, I am going in seventeen," said Tom, hoping his uncle noticed how much beard he had.
I'd rather not have any employment of that sort, uncle.
Dorothy had almost fallen asleep when she was aroused with a start to find that Uncle Henry was missing.