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uncharted territory

A situation or circumstance that is foreign, unclear, or uncharted and which may be dangerous or difficult as a result. We're starting to get into uncharted territory exploiting these tax loopholes. If we aren't careful, the government may crack down on us hard! John has always kept himself closed off from family members, so his real feelings have been uncharted territory for all of us.
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uncharted waters

A situation or circumstance that is foreign, unclear, or unfamiliar and which may be dangerous or difficult as a result. We're starting to get into uncharted waters exploiting these tax loopholes. If we aren't careful, the government may crack down on us hard! John keeps himself so closed off that I've never understood the uncharted waters of his emotions.
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(be in/get into) murky/uncharted ˈwaters

(be in/get into) a difficult or dangerous situation that you do not know anything about: As I opened up the computer to try and fix the problem, I realized that I was getting into completely uncharted waters and decided to leave it to the experts.
Murky water is dark or dirty. If somebody is in uncharted waters, they are in an area of sea or ocean that is not known or recorded on a map.
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Uncharted Waters is available for $49.95 from CSIRO PUBLISHING, Local call 1300 788 000, publishing.sales@csiro.au, or order online at www.publish.csiro.au.
This examination of Robinson Foundry's entry into the new aluminum casting realm details the faith this firm had and the questions it had to answer to succeed in uncharted waters.
For many years scientists have seen an association between ETS and heart problems, but Pope and his colleagues saw that the physiologic pathways that turn ETS exposure into heart trouble had been left largely uncharted. In 1999 they set out to address this information gap.
Insurers don't have to abandon traditional "bricks-and-mortar" business in favor of a pure online venture or jump with both feet into uncharted territory.
Once the circuit design rule moves into the uncharted territory of the sub-100 nanometer region, where circuit paths will be only 0.001 of the thickness of a human hair, present device technologies will begin to fail, and current leakage in transistors will become an immense problem.
UNCHARTED HAVEN gave trainer Bobby Frankel his 700th victory at Santa Anita on Monday with a neck win over Brianda in the Grade 2 San Gorgonio Handicap, writes Dan Farley.
A contingent of Australian dancers will explore uncharted choreographic terrain in Scotland this month as part of the annual New Moves (new territories) international dance festival March 7-25 in Glasgow.
Alongside the magnificent photographs of Frank Yerbury, Shand (who had coined the phrase 'Swedish Grace') commended the fact that 'Sweden has deliberately elected to turn her back on the fields of her former triumph' to explore 'the uncharted currents of the Modernist Maelstrom'; and he went on to say 'the acceptance of the machine aesthetic is the true inward significance of this summer's Exhibition'.
The CPA who provides nontraditional service has to be comfortable in uncharted territory where there are often no standards, rules or right answers.
In particular, the explosion of printed books of secrets in the sixteenth century, from the cheapest 8- or 16-page pamphlets to the lengthy tomes of della Porta's Magia naturalis (1559), spread widely a new conception of science as a venatio, or a hunt in hitherto uncharted territory, which was crucial to the investigative program of the "new science." Thus he argues that the scientific revolution has a broader and more popular base than historians of science have generally acknowledged.
The migration path is uncharted and fraught with barriers and false starts.
Such unexpected discoveries are part of the fun of exploring uncharted waters, Scheirer says.
In addition, the authors' delve into uncharted areas to render conclusions and suggested approaches for the taxpayer to consider, such as consolidated return group allocations and the AMT basis of group members.
If I'm honest about it, the biggest reason I wanted to venture through AaAeAeA "Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection" was for the chance to repl "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves." I still remember the day I opened the case for the PlayStation 3 game in October 2009, so excited to continue the ridiculous adventures of Nathan Drake and his cohorts.
David Ballard, a former employee of Naughty Dog who has worked on 'Uncharted' and 'The Last of Us,' is now claiming that he was sexually harassed while he was working at the American first-party video game developer.