unburden oneself to

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unburden oneself to someone

Fig. to tell someone about one's trouble or anxiety. I didn't mean to unburden myself to you. I'm just so upset. She unburdened herself to her mother.
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tie recommends they unburden themselves by talking over problems.
What awesome texts these are to explain the different "positions" of prayer and what happens when we unburden ourselves in any way to almighty God.
Relaxed by food and drink and the prospect of never meeting your captive companion again, you can unburden your soul without trepidation.
In the newspapers they published, such as The Word, Woodhull & Claflin's Weekly, and Lucifer, the Light-Bearer, they provided a public forum in which readers could unburden their hearts and describe in intimate detail the sexual problems they experienced.
Optimization features, such as TCP affloading/buffering, compression and in-memory caching, unburden Web and application servers from connection processing and content delivery overhead, improving end-users' response times.
Where does a web-based company turn to evaluate its current and future real estate needs or unburden itself from an nuviable existing lease?
A cyber-confessional has been launched that allows sinners to unburden their souls on the Internet.
We have lots of process monitoring to unburden the operators with manual inspections," says Sims.
Grouping them with mining and agriculture as the main producers of the nation's wealth, Witt said every effort should be made to unburden these three industries from unwarranted government intervention.
You must unburden your soul, Share the troubles in your mind, If you don't seek an answer You never, ever will find.
If he means somebody else then he should unburden himself before tomorrow's big game with Dunfermline and then we'd know what he was talking about.
The helpline is a place where people can offload their worries, where they can share and unburden as well as get expert advice and information.
Publicity-shy Naomi now chooses Piers's BBC1 ratings-winner to unburden her soul about her life, loves, short temper, history of mobile phone throwing, and her drug addiction - as well as that infamous court battle.
Accordingly, now that she has come clean with the public over her youthful disregard of the Misuse of Drugs Act, it is surely time for her to lead by example and similarly unburden herself to the police and submit to the full weight of the judicial system.