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unburden oneself to someone

Fig. to tell someone about one's trouble or anxiety. I didn't mean to unburden myself to you. I'm just so upset. She unburdened herself to her mother.
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Israel is slaughtering the Palestinian people and we must support these people and unburden them and work for their comfort and stability," he said.
Collins says the sex list, on which he features at number 37, was Ms Larke's idea to "unburden" herself.
Yesterday, the star, who shot to fame with Channel 4's The Friday Night Project, said making the sex list was her idea as cathartic, therapeutic and to "unburden herself".
Both artists draw out their thoughts, secrets or forbidden statements that they cannot express verbally or in writing, hence use metaphors to unburden themselves in a very imaginative way.
Off he slid for a private moment of nausea to unburden himself of a fresh pile of vomit.
Talent-centricity and Permanence -- The service is not project-specific but designed to permanently support, enable and unburden the professional.
She is able to unburden him not only because he trusts her clinical judgment, but also because he trusts her to tell him the truth.
in the bottle my heart's shape is blown to unburden my hurt.
Humphrey proceeded to unburden himself of everything he knew about Shreveport--what congressional district the city was in, who represented it in Congress and the restaurant where he ate during a visit there.
Away from the inevitable pressures and distractions of life at home, aptly described by David Elkind in The Hurried Child and All Grown Up and No Place to Go, children have the opportunity to unburden themselves and renew their sense of being kids.
Here he was finally able to unburden himself of the guilt he felt about the death of his bomber crew.
Just the sound of a human voice is so comforting, We yearn for company, to share thoughts and to unburden ourselves.
tie recommends they unburden themselves by talking over problems.
What awesome texts these are to explain the different "positions" of prayer and what happens when we unburden ourselves in any way to almighty God.
Relaxed by food and drink and the prospect of never meeting your captive companion again, you can unburden your soul without trepidation.