unbosom oneself to

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unbosom oneself to someone

Fig. to reveal one's inner thoughts and secrets to someone. He unbosomed himself to his best friend. Todd unbosomed himself to almost everyone he met.
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Baillie never explicitly foregrounds the closet as a site of theoretical speculation; rather, like other "lonely haunts," "chambers," or even the "lonely desert," it signifies an imaginary zone of concealment and absolute privacy where powerful passions "cannot unbosom themselves even to the dearest friend.
Like its simpler predecessor, Clarissa investigates the idea that the self may be disclosed, minutely and in all its secret impulses, in the cumulative increments of epistolary exchange; and just as the novel's correspondents progressively unbosom themselves over time to their fictional addresses, so Richardson now mimicked the effect for his readers by spreading publication over a matching period.
The gentle neighbourhood of grove and spring Would soon unbosom all their echoes mild, And I (for grief is easily beguiled) Might think the infection of my sorrows loud, Had got a race of mourners on some pregnant cloud.