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caught unawares

To be surprised by someone or something. A: "Oh man, I was totally caught unawares when your mother showed up here this morning." B: "I figured as much when she told me that you answered the door in your robe and curlers!"
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caught unaware(s)

surprised and unprepared. Sorry. You startled me when you came up behind me. I was caught unaware. The clerk was caught unawares, and the robber emptied out the cash register before the clerk could sound the alarm.
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Males showed significantly more change than females on unawareness of blatant racial issues, t(201) = 2.5, p < .01 and on overall colorblindness, t(201) = 2.18, p < .05.
Unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies is critical and is unacceptable.
* More information in the hypoglycemia section about prevention and hypoglycemia unawareness, with the recommendation that patients who have hypoglycemic unawareness or episodes of severe hypoglycemia raise their glycemic targets to strictly avoid hypoglycemia for at least several weeks, with the aim of partially reversing the unawareness and reducing the risk of further episodes.
Although patients with TBI who demonstrate unawareness of deficits, or anosognosia, typically have normal intelligence [5-6], they may manifest a variety of cognitive impairments during neuropsychological evaluation, including impaired memory ability [7-8], compromised executive functioning [9-10], and decreased fine motor speed [11].
They further suggest that this unawareness may be advanced by the limited interaction students may have with other cultural groups and strata.
Such efforts seem to reflect both an unawareness of the long history of celebrations at this time and the earliest associations of symbols now attached to Christmas, most previously used in other religions and cultural rituals.
It gets more complicated as we grow older--especially if we have been making music in a state of total unawareness (which, I believe, is sometimes the case).
Directly confronting the American public's notorious unawareness of long-term care financing realities, CMS has mounted a five-state, multimedia information campaign.
The top reasons for not receiving a vaccination, reported by 10%-15% of those surveyed, were unawareness that they needed a shot, fear that it would cause the flu, fear of side effects, and belief that the vaccine would not prevent flu.
-- Hypoglycemia unawareness is a common problem constituting a major risk factor for severe hypoglycemic episodes involving seizures or coma, Dr.
Even more surprising is the author's unawareness that south of the Rio Grande in 1492 was a great imperial entity, centered around Tenochtitlan.
They are symptoms--of poor air quality, of aging housing, of inadequate health care, of poverty and of unawareness, even among the most loving parents.
The report uncovered an alarming unawareness of forthcoming European employment legislation by UK employers.
Still, barriers to serving men--funding constraints, men's unawareness of services and their perceptions that clinics serve women only--are not insubstantial.
Here Barbieri's seeming unawareness of the fundamental difference between ox and bull, and of the symbolic variances that this difference can produce, leaves the reader truly perplexed.