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caught unawares

To be surprised by someone or something. A: "Oh man, I was totally caught unawares when your mother showed up here this morning." B: "I figured as much when she told me that you answered the door in your robe and curlers!"
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caught unaware(s)

surprised and unprepared. Sorry. You startled me when you came up behind me. I was caught unaware. The clerk was caught unawares, and the robber emptied out the cash register before the clerk could sound the alarm.
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of 62% a to f d ns % im 46% of people asked unaware the risk of developing dementia can be cut
Carried out by YouGov, the survey of 2,000 adults revealed that 70% are not aware of the government introducing a Personal Savings Allowance (PSA); 67% do not know that the government will be supporting first time buyers through the introduction of the Help to Buy ISA; 66% are unaware of new rules which will allow savers to top up their ISAs if they have previously withdrawn cash' and 63% aren't aware that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme deposit protection limit is being reduced.
Still, women are generally more unaware about cyber threats and they are probably more likely to become victims of a cyber-incident.
is, as usual, totally unaware that it's because our forces are not weak and we have not been invaded nor enslaved that they can speak freely, even if it annoys the mawjority of sensible people.
I was unaware that my husband had bad intentions," she said, according to the source.
Meanwhile, nearly half of all business owners were unaware of the ongoing government initiative to reduce red tape for small businesses and only 5% knew for sure they were in an enterprise zone with around a third having never even heard of enterprise zones.
The research, carried out shortly after the March 2013 budget, revealed that a quarter of small business owners were unaware of the reduction in the rate of corporation tax and of those that said they were, only 13% could state the correct rate.
Dr Bruno Blanchon, consultant at the centre, said that many patients are unaware of the complications they already have as a result of diabetes.
Research by the National Literacy Trust found one in five parents-to-be in the West Midlands are unaware of the need to talk to their baby before the age of three months, nearly a third are unaware of how quickly their baby's brain develops, and 71 per cent would welcome more information on baby's language development.
cities are infected with HIV--and almost half of those who carry the virus are unaware of it.
Summary: A worrying number of parents are unaware that their children are at risk from inappropriate content on their smartphones.
ISLAMABAD, October 07, 2010 (Frontier Star): Health Ministry turns out to be unaware of 12 deaths due to Crimean-Cango Hemorrthagic Fever (CCHF) known as Congo virus.
Can she really be unaware that her party (Labour) are in power with only 35% of the popular vote (or only 24% of the total electorate)?
FOUR out of 10 people are unaware that eating a poor diet increases their risk of cancer, according to a new survey.
ATHLETICS: Dwain Chambers has claimed he was unaware that being caught as a drugs offender would result in a lifetime ban from the Olympics.