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unaccustomed to someone or something

not used to someone or something. The poor family was unaccustomed to going to fancy restaurants. Bill was unaccustomed to mailing his own letters.
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In the unaccustomed position of left wing, he scored two goals to win the match.
While not wanting to disparage the efforts of the islanders, it seems a little harsh to claim that victory by the odd goal in three over opponents who had to make a round trip of almost 550 miles, including an unaccustomed overnight stop and a ferry crossing to compete in the tie, is the top performance.
How refreshing it was to observe the actor exhibiting humility, as he apologised to the studio audience and viewers for his nervousness, unaccustomed, as he claimed he was, to public speaking in the form of the intimate interview.
I wonder how many others will return jaded and weary after playing in the unaccustomed climate with searing temperatures of 100 degrees.
Peter Gray QC, defending, said: "It is a tragic moment of confusion by a young man driving in the UK and who was unaccustomed to driving on the left hand side of the road.
Kevin Pietersen, in an unaccustomed role as opener, hit 66 from 78 balls and Collingwood chipped in with 65 as England were all out for 273 on Friday.
If a painter renders a portrait in blue tones, it's going to have an effect on audiences unaccustomed to that liberty.
Goals by the Jones boys, Cai after 50 minutes and Chris after 52 brought unaccustomed joy for The Traeth faithful but it all faded asWelshpool's Mark Stewart pounced on 61 and 71 and then Edwards on 88.
Balpa general secretary Jim McAuslan said: "This is an unaccustomed position for a union to be in, but we have pressure-tested the company's trading position and cost base and are satisfied that this step is necessary to help BA recover its position as one of the world's most successful airlines.
Sponsors, unaccustomed to communicating with their buyers at all, let alone multiple buyers, must now learn to negotiate with these groups in a manner akin to collective bargaining with a labor union.
Unaccustomed Earth is Jhumpa Lahiri's second collection of short stories, and her third book.
Jhumpa Lahiri has been officially named as the winner of the fourth annual Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award for her collection entitled Unaccustomed Earth.
July Stakes, July 10 A jockey unaccustomed to riding in Group 2 races belied that inexperience by going for home at the start of the July course dip and keeping enough back for a short-head triumph
The basic principles of classroom performance are to provide a creative stimulus for students who may be unaccustomed to using imagination to interpret literary works and to promote an understanding that to see and hear literature performed is as relevant to thoughtful educational development as it is to read literature aloud.
On Christmas Day itself troops from the battalion will be woken to the unaccustomed sight of their commanding officer bringing them a cup of tea in their blast-proof bunkered beds, as part of an Army Christmas tradition of officers serving the ranks.