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unaccustomed to (someone or something)

Not habituated or used to someone or something. The spoilt boy was unaccustomed to hard work, and he complained endlessly of having to soil his hands and strain his muscles. I've been working from home for so long that I feel like I'm growing unaccustomed to other people.
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unaccustomed to someone or something

not used to someone or something. The poor family was unaccustomed to going to fancy restaurants. Bill was unaccustomed to mailing his own letters.
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About 10 to 20 per cent of recent cardiac episodes, especially among young patients seen at the capital's Universal Hospital, were actually triggered by sudden, unaccustomed exertion, Dr George Koshy, chief medical officer, head of cardiology and consultant interventional cardiologist at Universal Hospital, told Gulf News.
NNA - Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, said on Sunday that three hinders prevent the formation of the government, notably some parties are unaccustomed with the good governance of the Presidency, some parties do not recognize the alliance between LF and FPM, and some parties are bothered with the participation of the Lebanese forces in the government.
We are also unaccustomed to losing at home, so this is a bit of a shock to the senses.
The village's residents pass the incident off as excessive nervousness on the part of city-folk unaccustomed to rural life.
Viewers will miss his laid-back, easy style, but all I can say is, having done it myself eight years ago, keep the alarm set for 3.30am, Bill, bash it when it goes off and revel in the unaccustomed bliss of another four hours' sleep.
Many firms are unaccustomed to this vital aspect of business.
But he has bravely battled to the top of his sport and is relishing a rare trip to the UK to sample a way of life and style of golf he's unaccustomed to.
Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital, is regarded as more conservative than its cosmopolitan neighbour, Dubai, which is more frequented by Western travellers unaccustomed to the Islamic call to prayer.
From her debut story collection Interpreter of Maladies (1999), which won the Pulitzer Prize, to The Namesake, then to a second book of stories, Unaccustomed Earth (2008), and now The Loivland, Lahiri continues to disarm with her refreshing frankness.
According to Sport24, De Kock scored seven and 34 in Port Elizabeth, where he debuted, batting in the unaccustomed position of No 6 and did not keep wicket while Elgar, who opened in place of Petersen, scored 83 and 16 in his two knocks at St George's Park.
I, too, have taken root, like a sore vessel unaccustomed to the sea.
Members of Awali Football Club (AFC) put their best foot forward in an unaccustomed manner, testing their abilities at Awali Golf Club (AGC) with golf.
While not wanting to disparage the efforts of the islanders, it seems a little harsh to claim that victory by the odd goal in three over opponents who had to make a round trip of almost 550 miles, including an unaccustomed overnight stop and a ferry crossing to compete in the tie, is the top performance.
And with enforced changes and players in unaccustomed positions it was no more than the home side deserved.