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and umpteenth (ˈəmptiˈəmpθ and ˈəmpˈtintθ)
mod. thousandth, billionth, zillionth, etc. (Represents some very large but indefinite number.) This is the umpty-umpth time I’ve told you to keep your dog out of my yard.



for the umpteenth time

An uncountable or indefinitely large number of times. The word umpteen is an American coinage that was believed, by John Ciardi and several other writers, to have come from nineteenth-century Morse code. In an early version of the code, M, pronounced “umpty,” meant “many,” probably based on M, the Roman numeral for one thousand. To this was added “teen,” for “ten,” presumably now meaning tens of thousands or, simply, a very large number. The expression “for the umpteenth time,” usually pronounced with some exasperation, means in effect that one has said or done something time and again and is thoroughly tired of the repetition.
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The onlookers witnessed the gory scene and could do nothing to stop the attacker from stabbing her umpteenth time.
By Thursday, this man of the people was leader once more after a brief "resignation" and lunching at swanky showbiz haunt The Ivy - all before appearing on the "biased" BBC's Question Time for the umpteenth time.
FOR the umpteenth time recently I read of a shameful ambulance service's response to an accident.
Unions said they were saddened to announce for umpteenth time that they were going on strike to claim the workers' self-evident rights.
Victoria attempts to apologise to Betty, Lisa and Belle return home all ready to make a fresh start, and Debbie tells Cameron for the umpteenth time how he's wasting his time chasing after her.
Negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council on the reform of prudential rules for banks (CRD IV-CRR, regulation and directive) ended in failure once again after an umpteenth three-way meeting in Brussels on 29 November.
Frank Lampard will go down in the history books as the Blues' match-winner for the umpteenth time in his Stamford Bridge career but even he admitted his goal owed everything to Torres.
For the umpteenth time we know you live in a 'floating city' in Al Amwaj.
He is entered up in a few places this weekend but he's unreliable and could be worth taking on if his price allows Punting low Coyote Creek's defeat at Newbury summed up my day last Friday, as he was my umpteenth second and I was left feeling it was time to visit the local parish priest in his confessional, saying something along the lines of "Forgive me father for I have sinned, it's been 19 years since I last went to confession" Can't wait Great Leighs showed us how not to open a new course, but the vibe surrounding Ffos Las is a lot more upbeat.
Repetitious: For the umpteenth time in the past year, Iran has told India it needs to make up its mind quickly if it wants to participate in a gas pipeline from the Persian Gulf to India.
He said: "That's my umpteenth time of politely trying to find out what's going on.
As was proved for the umpteenth time when they joined forces to impose the five per cent handling fee for tickets, Rangers and Celtic are just like a couple of sleekit old sweetie wives who couldn't survive without each other.
But why did he miss his chance to ask viewers why they'd voted for a chubby geezer who told us, for the umpteenth time, he was singing for his dead wife?
That way Pears fans can enjoy a quick dip when cricket has been called off for the umpteenth time.