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In fact, it sounded like a better bet than discussing fuel economy and torque ratios with tyre-kickers.
Everyone knows the right temperament is crucial in a race but it can also play an important part at the sales where, in the days preceding her entry to the ring a promising filly like Born To Run might be hauled in and out of her box endlessly by prospective buyers and the usual quota of tyre-kickers.
Word soon gets round the village when someone does something eccentric, and within days of the big green thing arriving, the anoraky tyre-kickers started to arrive, all ooohing and aaahing and wanting to climb inside and savour the experience.
A trader buddy managed to chip pounds 1,500 off the price of a pounds 5,000 BMW simply because the bloke was sick and tired of time-wasters and tyre-kickers.
Soon there was a steady stream of tyre-kickers arriving to admire his precious 1954 Bedford RLHZ self-propelled pump.
Britain may be a nation of tyre-kickers, but buying a used car is generally reckoned to be up there with visits to the dentist and bills from the taxman as necessary evils of late 20th century life.