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kick tires

To examine or inspect a second-hand car or cars for possible purchase; to shop for used cars in general. I always loved going to used car lots with my dad while he went around kicking tires. Our old van finally broke down, so I'm heading out this weekend to kick some tires.
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kick the tires

To inspect or test something or someone to ensure that he, she, or it meets the required or expected standard of quality. Primarily heard in US, Canada. You should always kick the tires of anything you plan to buy from someone online, or else you might end up buying a piece of junk! The boss always assigns difficult projects as a way of kicking the tires of new employees. We should hire a few interns to kick the tires on this app before we release it to the public.
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spare tyre

1. A layer of excess fat around one's midsection. Primarily heard in UK. I think I need to lay off the lager, because this spare tyre of mine is getting a bit out of hand.
2. An unhelpful, unnecessary, unproductive, or unwanted person in a group. Primarily heard in UK. There are a few spare tyres on this project who are really holding back our progress. Ever since John's girlfriend started hanging out with us, it's left me feeling like a spare tyre.
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tire kicker

1. One who examines or inspects a second-hand car or cars, often without really intending to buy anything. Primarily heard in Australia. This guy isn't a serious buyer, he's just a tire kicker.
2. One who wastes another's time. We need serious candidates for this position, so make sure to eliminate any tire kickers.
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a spare tyre

If someone has a spare tyre, they have a large circle of fat around their waist. Note: `Tyre' is spelled `tire' in American English. He had long, wavy hair, a big diamond ring and a spare tyre around his middle.
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kick the ˈtyres

(British English) (American English kick the ˈtires) (especially American English) test the quality of something; see if something is suitable for you: We now spend longer kicking the tyres before investing in new companies. ▶ ˈtyrekicker (British English) (American English ˈtirekicker) noun a possible customer who asks a lot of questions about a product but never buys anything: Your sales team can waste a huge amount of time on tyrekickers.
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a ˌspare ˈtyre

(British English) (American English a ˌspare ˈtire) a roll of flesh around the waist: He went on a diet to try and lose his spare tyre.
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A change in tyre profile will affect the rolling circumference of the tyre and may require changing rim size so the original circumference is retained.
In January, a new European directive comes into force banning the disposal of tyres in landfill sites and requiring all tyres to be recycled, pushing up the cost of disposing of them and creating more opportunities for criminals.
Insurance A faulty tyre can pose a serious safety risk and could invalidate a car insurance policy if you ever needed to make a claim, so it''s important to make sure your tyres are properly inflated and have the correct tread.
Kanwar said the price of these tyres in the Chinese market was higher than that at which they were being sold in India which is a clear case of dumping.
In response to that trend, Bridgestone is confident that its third-generation run-flat tyres will significantly advance the use of run-flat tyres by original equipment manufacturers, thereby accelerating the elimination of spare tyres (emergency-use tyres) in passenger vehicles.
It takes less than three minutes to check tyre tread depth and tyre pressure.
3 Stick with the OE (original equipment) fitment - in other words the tyre brand that originally came on your car from new - as this has been created specially to give the best handling and ride.
Tyre pressures should be maintained at the recommended levels to ensure maximum tyre life, safety and fuel efficiency.
Some second-hand tyres have only two or three millimetres of tread so they are not a cost-effective option in comparison to a new tyre at slightly higher cost but having eight millimetres of tread.
Tyre manufacturers recommend that when fitting new tyres, the valves are replaced and the wheel assembly is balanced.
You'll hear a loud blast when your tyre bursts," Jasdy said.
Goodyear's market researchers are constantly encouraging the company's engineers and scientists, urging them to devise innovative tyre solutions that meet customer requirements and help in the management of future societal challenges.
The survey came at the launch yesterday of AA Tyres a mobile tyre fitting service bringing tyre fitting to drivers' homes or workplaces.
Indeed, tests conducted by the British Tyre Manufacturers Association found that a car braking at 60mph on a wet road at five degrees Celsius stopped five metres shorter, equivalent to more than one car length, when fitted with winter weather tyres.
Continental, one of Europe's biggest tyre manufacturers, has just expanded its winter tyre range with the introduction of the WinterContact TS 850 P SUV which is now available for vehicles running with wheels up to 20-inch rims.