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The consumer could have saved money were it not for the tying because they are interested in buying only the tying product.
When the tying and bundling have such foreclosure and extraction effects, the practice will be considered anticompetitive unless the dominant entity engaged in it presents objective and efficiency justifications.
To a consumer, the disadvantages of tying and bundling may be unclear.
Part I will lay out the current state of the law on tying arrangements.
Part II introduces the discussion of tying conspiracies.
Part III shows how current antitrust doctrine fails to appreciate the anticompetitive risks inherent in tying conspiracies.
When tying this pattern on the larger hooks, I recommend that you use the hour-glass-shaped "lead eyes" rather than the bead-chain. creates, manufactures and sells pre-tied, pre-designed, button and go fashion scarves to eliminate scarf tying for women.
"When I started tying the turban, it never used to be perfect.
Today, Jagjit Singh is happy that young boys of the village take part not only in the turban tying classes but also in learning the old traditions of Sikh religion.
"All I want to say is that he is a very good in tying turbans and that is reason why I asked him to tie the turban for my wedding.
Max rebar tying tools run a variety of wire ties including TW1525 regular steel wire, TW1525-EG electro galvanized wire, TW1525-PC polyester coated wire, TW897A regular steel wire, TW897A-PC polyester coated wire, and TW897A-EG electric galvanized steel wire.
Different gauges and types of wire, as well as different types of tying systems, can affect wire expenses.
The makers of extrusion or open-end horizontal balers tout the automation of the machines, and this extends to the tying system.
Recyclers are paying extra upfront for additional automation, but ideally they save on labor costs and wire costs if the wire tying systems are configured to use wire efficiently.