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Black Twitter

A collective name for the black users on the social media site Twitter. Black Twitter is losing it over Kanye today. A lot of social justice causes rise to prominence after beginning on Black Twitter.
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in a twitter

Simultaneously nervous and excited. All of the graduates were in a twitter as they waited for the commencement ceremony to start.
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in a twitter

in a giddy state; silly. Don't get yourself in a twitter. We were all in a twitter over the upcoming event.
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in a twitter

mod. in a giddy state; silly. We were all in a twitter over the upcoming event.
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Perhaps they just get all twittery when it's time for their global close-up.
These swifts make twittery and buzzy noises that sound something like tip-tip-tip-zeeeee-rip.
All this is gay and heraldic, but perhaps a bit twittery for stern and austere souls.
Just an Ordinary Day has more than its share of the ominously twittery Jackson, particularly in the first half: Satan, appearing in a girls' dorm to claim some souls, is sent packing by the housemother.
Oh, he had big brown eyes and made the girls in the room go all twittery, but he made a beeline for me and wouldn't stop staring.
As you would expect with Austen, Emma boasts a plethora of amusing, engaging and witty characters, with Sue Murphy as twittery Miss Bates and Polly Sutherland as the ghastly Mrs Elton giving particularly fine comic turns.
Prelude to theCelebration of Birds (quite twittery) completes another Chandos CD on which SachioFujiokadirects the BBC Philhar- monic.
Because, what they had forgotten in their twittery adjustments of attitude was that he was more man and more woman than both of them put together.