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Black Twitter

A collective name for the black users on the social media site Twitter. Black Twitter is losing it over Kanye today. A lot of social justice causes rise to prominence after beginning on Black Twitter.
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in a twitter

Simultaneously nervous and excited. All of the graduates were in a twitter as they waited for the commencement ceremony to start.
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in a twitter

in a giddy state; silly. Don't get yourself in a twitter. We were all in a twitter over the upcoming event.
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in a twitter

mod. in a giddy state; silly. We were all in a twitter over the upcoming event.
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Case in point: Twitter has been promoting its ability to harness data and insights from conversations surrounding specific TV shows and then allows brands to reach those viewers.
"They have the ability to reach people simultaneously on TV and Twitter," the ad agency executive said.
One of the reasons for the purge which Spencer stated was the existence of Social Justice Warrior (SJW) committees within Twitter who are working towards making Twitter a "safer" place.
Spencer then states that, if one perceives Twitter purges in the past, it can be noticed that Twitter has been very "inconsistent" in nature where the company made "ad-hoc decisions" which were reversed.
We didn't have to, but believe it's the right thing to do," Agrawal said ( on his personal Twitter account.
Twitter isn't actually the only site that was affected by the bug.
Thirty of the 32 nations competing in this year's World Cup have official accounts on Twitter. You can follow all thirty here -; this graphic shows the top six most followed teams are at
More than 300 of the players from the 32 competing nations are on Twitter, with representatives of all the competing teams having a presence on the platform - follow them here -
Twitter and other forms of social media are really for awareness-budding rather than direct sales.
This is blinding the vulnerable," ( explained Twitter user SwiftOnSecurity, a popular account that covers information security.
In a blog post about the new section, Twitter notes "nothing is going away" with the implementation of Explore.
Developers have long been able to use MoPub, but this change allows direct integration of ads into Twitter timelines for iOS and Android apps.
Redefine Twitter's Audience.A A Twitter's problem is that while it's big, it's just not big enough to be a must-buy for advertisers.A "Facebook is a big driver.
Edwards compared Moments to the success of Snapchat's Live Stories -- anA ( advertising favorite despite the expense -- but noted that Twitter's product could have a greater impact due to the conversational approach, public search and brand curation.
.@( twitter and @( bbcamerica , home of ( #DoctorWho & ( #TopGear , ink deal to offer 1st in-Tweet branded video synced to entertainment TV series