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Black Twitter

A collective name for the black users on the social media site Twitter. Black Twitter is losing it over Kanye today. A lot of social justice causes rise to prominence after beginning on Black Twitter.
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in a twitter

Simultaneously nervous and excited. All of the graduates were in a twitter as they waited for the commencement ceremony to start.
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in a twitter

in a giddy state; silly. Don't get yourself in a twitter. We were all in a twitter over the upcoming event.
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in a twitter

mod. in a giddy state; silly. We were all in a twitter over the upcoming event.
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Digital software such as atlas.ti is used at the same time to count the frequency of different twitterers to see who the most active twitterers are and from what position they tweet.
An exception to this is when the post you're re-Tweeting is close to the 140-character limit and adding an attribution to the original Twitterer would push it over 140 characters.
EZRA: Then there's the newsfeed Twitterer, like Mike Allen, and the snark Twitterer, like Ana Marie Cox.
Colgate University's (N.Y.) official student Twitterer,
( Twitterer Daddy Owen , to his credit, appeared to be in on the joke:
When I will land it will be in an entirely new & wonderful world full of magic & joy," wrote one Twitterer this morning.<p>"Waiting for the new phenomenon called iTablet/iSlate, " wrote another.
This air-head twitterer proves she's a first-class twit.
According to Kajal Girish, a twitterer, it was an ideal place to uphold the Twestival slogan: 'Tweet.
ON ARRIVING at Liverpool's Echo Arena, avid Twitterer Jim Kerr sent out a message on the social networking site: I hope they put strong foundations in the construction of this new venue as traditionally Simple Minds + Liverpool means that walls shake.
7Alan is a dedicated Twitterer, posting several times a day on the micro-blogging website.
The banner has been shared by a Twitterer named Omar Farooq.
A keen blogger and Twitterer, she hopes to put her online and social media experience to good use with uniquethinking's clients, which include Sainsbury's, Costa, Vodafone, Blackfriars Restaurant and the Black Horse, Beamish.
A Pakistani Twitterer, Imran Qureshi, wonders if " Ayesha's family was hibernating before his ( Shoaib's) marriage news".
As one twitterer wrote: "Following smart people on Twitter is like a mental shot of espresso."
Star twitterer Stephen Fry caused a major upset when he announced that he would no longer twitter because a fellow blogger had dared to say his twitters were boring.