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Black Twitter

A collective name for the black users on the social media site Twitter. Black Twitter is losing it over Kanye today. A lot of social justice causes rise to prominence after beginning on Black Twitter.
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in a twitter

in a giddy state; silly. Don't get yourself in a twitter. We were all in a twitter over the upcoming event.
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in a twitter

mod. in a giddy state; silly. We were all in a twitter over the upcoming event.
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The company in January also lost its chief operating officer, Anthony Noto -- a crucial lieutenant to Dorsey as the Twitter founder continues to act as chief executive for both Twitter and Square.
Overall, the results represented ongoing progress which was consistent with our longer-term expectations for Twitter as a durable, if niche-y (but highly differentiated), platform for digital advertising which should eventually be able to approach industry-level growth rates," the analyst, Brian Wieser, said in a (https://www.
Reports suggest Twitter users from Japan were mostly affected.
One of the major benefits of Twitter is its ability to connect students and increase engagement among them (Evans, 2014).
MotherJocker: "When Twitter decides to view Tweets by Popularity.
A survey by the American Press Institute and Twitter showed that the social network is the best source for breaking news.
Using Twitter, you can update the status of an event quickly, share photos, and stream live video with Q&A to reach your community and the media.
On Friday Twitter released a statement confirming a court order from the Turkish government.
Only incase if a subscriber chooses to visit an external link while browsing updates on Twitter, this Twitter app will pop up a message of additional data consumption charges.
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It is critical for Twitter now to move quickly and effectively post IPO to address the challenges it faces in achieving growth and profitability.
Dhiraj Murthy, in Twitter: Social Communication in the Twitter Age, attempts to fill this gap by showing both the significance and superficiality of social media in the digital age.
Twitter currently has more than 100 million active users and is one of the 10 most visited websites on the internet.