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Twisty the Clown will be seen wearing a mask that covers the lower side of his face, and what the mask hides is not for the weak-hearted to see.
The team had not only to contend with rush-hour traffic but also to negotiate major cities like Cardiff and twisty and hilly coastal roads.
Over the years, Domino's has added deep dish and thin crust to its menu, as well as twisty bread, salads and submarine sandwiches.
He also revealed that the Twisty the Clown will be seen wearing a mask to cover his lower side of the face.
Anthony fumed: "I offered you a drink and you threw it back at me with a twisty comment.
But despite the fact that a great many people at my screening were continuously laughing throughout the movie, the filmmakers seem to be sincere in their attempts to create some kind of twisty M.
BLUNDERING championship leader Valentino Rossi will start from the second row of the grid in today's Cinzano German GP after failing to beat the clock in qualifying at the tight and twisty Sachsenring circuit.
McNish started from pole-position having set an average speed of over 112 mph in qualifying, the fastest lap time ever recorded at the tight and twisty 2.
Baitz and director Morris weave a twisty, dialogue-heavy path to show us how and why Sandy ends up in a kind of self-imposed exile in Paris.
A rally official said the Briton was driving French team-mate Gilles Panizzi's car on a twisty stretch of road at Marrinup in south western Australia when he went up the side of an embankment and crashed head on into the tree.
It gobbles up the miles and thrives on driving twisty roads - or simply puts on the style.
The main thing is getting a good start because the little circuit is so twisty.
CALIFORNIAN Kenny Roberts is set to power back into the title chase in today's German Grand Prix after grabbing pole position on the tight and twisty 2.
Stone held on to his championship lead over the fast airfield stages by driving hard through the twisty sections to make up lost ground on the lighter cars ahead.