twist the knife

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twist the knife

To add to, exacerbate, or amplify a betrayal or wrong by further malicious actions. He said it was over, and then he twisted the knife and said he had never loved me.
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twist the knife


twist the knife in the wound

If someone twists the knife or twists the knife in the wound, they deliberately do or say something which make a situation even worse for someone who is upset or experiencing problems. Her daughter managed to twist the knife still further by claiming Nancy never loved her. To twist the knife in the wound, he appears to have cast doubt on whether Gray's invention was really his own idea. Note: You can also talk about a twist of the knife. Any cut-backs on the ceremony would be a further twist of the knife for bereaved families.
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twist (or turn) the knife

deliberately make someone's grief or problems worse.
1991 Mavis Nicholson Martha Jane & Me While she and I were playing the cat-and-mouse game of these stories, I would sometimes, just to twist the knife a little further, ask about the little girl's father.
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turn/twist the ˈknife (in the wound)

deliberately remind somebody of something they are already upset about, and so upset them even more: After the divorce, her friend turned the knife in the wound by saying she had always thought that the marriage wouldn’t last.All right. I know I was stupid. You don’t have to twist the knife.
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Newcastle, though, had the last word and Alan in particular, with the England skipper twisting the knife into now gaping wounds.
I hacked, poked and cut my way through cardboard, small twigs and seatbelt material and finished it off with some stabs into a piece of oak after which I tried to break the point off by twisting the knife to the side.
Reg Keys, father of one of the 179 British military personnel killed in the war said: "It's twisting the knife.
Tries by Scotland sevens specialist Jamie Blackwood, James Easton, Guy Hill and Paul Tait on his debut provided the platform, with Will Campbell twisting the knife by slotting seven goal kicks.
Still,one or two glasses, inevitably of bitter,may be raised to them in Wales for not twisting the knife.
And it was ex-Laker Eddie Jones twisting the knife with 26 points and eight rebounds.